Although Facebook remains by far the most popular social network, that popularity is not without some complaints. One of the most common gripes users have with Faceobok is that it is constantly changing and evolving without much warning – if any. And while everyone probably understands that technology will always come with changes, that doesn’t always take away the frustration of discovering the tool you’d set up to your specifications and learned your way around has changed, yet again.

This video, which we heard about from the folks at Mashable, illustrates what it would feel like if Facebook’s ‘guided tour’ were a real person making changes in your home without permission. As with many internet memes, it’s funny because it’s true.

Although this video is just for fun, there are important lessons here for marketers and social media admins. While you should always be thinking of ways to improve your website and your social media profiles, consider how you can make those changes as painless as possible for your followers. Some ideas include giving them a heads-up in advance, offering a visual of some kind to help them be prepared when the change happens, and making changes in quarterly groups rather than constantly tweaking things and bothering your users with updates about them.

Video courtesy of ExtremelyDecentFilms

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