Every small business social media manager knows the importance of regularly posting relevant, engaging content for followers to interact with. (If not, we have an infographic for you!) This month on the Pagemodo blog, we’re going to focus on different things that you can post, advice for getting good engagement numbers, and inspiration for using various social media to the fullest. Today we’ll kick things off with the different categories you can organize your ideas into.

Say you’ve set up a profile, and you’ve been posting like crazy: pictures of your staff and business, statuses about the specials you’re running, and even a video of your cat. But now you’re a month in and you’ve run out of original ideas. One way to get yourself organized and thinking outside the usual rut is to think about your content in terms of categories. Come up with a list of the types of things you want to post, and then write down ideas for those easier-to-manage boxes. Here’s a list of categories to start with, many of which our own social media manager, Irina, puts her content ideas into:

Post Categories:

1. Informational: News about the company, how-to ideas, advice from industry experts.

2. Promotional: Upcoming special offers, contests, new product features.

3. Just For Fun: Funny images related to your industry, word games, anything that shows your playful side.

4. Conversation Starters: Questions about how followers use your product, a feature they wish they had, general questions related to your industry, general reconnaissance.

5. Polls or Facebook Questions: Similar to above, but using an actual polling app or Facebook questions with specific responses you’ve written.

6. Fill-In-The-Blank: Find out what’s on your followers minds, how they feel about an issue, or just get a laugh. (E.g. “My favorite way to waste time on the internet is _________”)

7.  Caption This: Post a fun or thought-provoking image and ask your fans for caption ideas, keep it light, ask your friends and employees to get the ball rolling if need be.

8. Infographics: These graphic representations of data have exploded in popularity. There’s one on every topic imaginable, and people love to share them. Find one that relates to you be searching Google or Pinterest, or create your own!

9. Human Interest: Share something personal about yourself or an employee. It can be someone achieving a 10th anniversary milestone, or a staff member seeking sponsors for a 5K. Something to make your followers feel connected.

10. Controversial: Not for everyone, but if your followers tend to enjoy debate or if there’s an issue being discussed in your industry, posting about a controversial topic can be a great way to get fans liking, commenting, and sharing your updates.

What other types of posts have you tried? What kind of engagement have you seen from them? If you’re ready to get started and you want to go ahead and schedule all of your fantastic content ideas, check out Pagemodo Posts.


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