You may have heard that we recently launched a brand new tool (because we’re so excited we can’t stop talking about it).

[Get a look at Pagemodo Posts]

We been getting some questions from our users about the creation of Pagemodo Posts, so we thought we’d sit down and get some answers for you directly from the source: Pagemodo’s General Manager Alfredo Ramos.

What motivated the team to create Pagemodo Posts?
“It was a natural progression for Pagemodo. We came to life as a company by building a product that helped businesses customize their Facebook Page using custom tabs. We received a lot of positive feedback from our users, saying that we’d simplified things that were previously impossible for them to do because they lacked the technical or design skills to do so.

When Timeline and cover photos launched for Pages, we knew that this was yet another area that small business owners would need help with – if you don’t have design skills or expensive software, creating a professional cover photo is challenging! So once we’d helped our customers get on Facebook, customize their cover photo, and create custom tabs, the next thing we wanted to address was helping them be successful with their posts

When and how did the idea for a posting tool first come up?
Well we knew we wanted to help businesses and organizations post. We all sat down together one afternoon, and we thought about some of the challenges that small businesses face with social media. It always came down to limited time and – especially for new organizations getting on Facebook for the first time -limited knowledge about what it takes to be successful.

Can you tell me about some of the people on your team who were instrumental in bringing Posts to life?
The team is really creative all around and is not afraid to take risks. We have a great mix of talented engineers, designers, product people and marketers who are constantly thinking about the needs of small businesses.

How do you see this helping small business owners?
Business owners are going to find it much easier to get high quality content to post, and they will be able to schedule their posts for an entire week in just a few minutes. People will also like how much easier it is to post photos on social networks using our tool. This will be helpful because photos are one of the best ways to get users’ attention and stand out on an already crowded newsfeed.

Are there similar tools out there already? If so, how is Posts different or better?
There are definitely some similar tools out there, but none that focus on the small business, or offer an all-in-one solution for social media. We have some really exciting plans here and the Posts launch is a great next step.

What kind of feedback have you gotten from users so far?
It’s been really positive. We spend a lot of time obsessing about the ease of use and simplicity of the tool, and users are reacting very well to that so far. And of course, people love to save time in any way possible and Pagemodo Posts helps with that.

What is your personal favorite feature of the Posts tool?
Different people have different favorites. My personal favorite is the +Post bookmarklet. It makes it so easy to post or schedule.

How did you decide on the name “Posts”?
Well we debated a lot. We filled out a large white board with ideas but we ultimately rallied around minimalism and “less is more”.  The name Posts doesn’t presume one specific purpose – it helps you schedule, find content, manage your posts… and who knows what it will do in the future. It was either that, or Postmodo!

What further developments do you see for Pagemodo on the horizon?
We are going to continue helping small businesses be successful on social media. The longer we are around, the more things we can help with. It sounds vague – but that really is the mindset we take with every new product development. Stay tuned – there is much more to come.

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