We’re happy to announce that Pagemodo has officially launched internationalization – that is to say, our website and tool are now offered in 10 new languages in addition to English. Users who have set their web browsers to default to a particular language will begin seeing the site in their language. It is also an option to choose your language manually from the dropdown menu in the footer of the Pagemodo website.

To find out a little more about this ongoing project, we sat down with Alfredo Ramos, Pagemodo’s General Manager.

Why internationalize Pagemodo?
Our mission is to help small businesses all over the world get on Facebook and kick start their social media marketing. In recent months, we began to see that more and more of our users are coming outside of North America and we felt that we could better serve them if they could use Pagemodo in their preferred language. Ultimately, this helps more businesses around the world get on Facebook. Small businesses are a vibrant part of international economies, and we want to strengthen their ability to have an effective social media presence.

How long has your team been working on this project?
Some of our developers started working on the internationalization project over this past summer.

What languages does Pagemodo.com now offer?
Users can now view Pagemodo in English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Danish, German, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Norwegian, and Swedish.

When will everyone be able to see the changes?
It is officially live for all users and visitors now.  We are continuing to explore ways to make it more useful and intuitive for users. We are also looking into ways of suggesting languages in counties that offer more than one, like Canada and Switzerland for example.

What else can we look forward to?
We look forward to possibly adding more languages in the future – like Portuguese for example. For now, we’re focusing on listening to our users and making this feature as helpful as possible for everyone going forward.

Visit Pagemodo now to: 

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