The days of giving clients your email address are long gone. Nowadays, contact forms–particularly contact forms on Facebook pages–are a far more convenient way for people to get in touch with a company. Business owners benefit, too: every form submitted is a new sales leads.

What is the contact form tab?

The contact form is a tab for your Facebook page that lets customers contact you with the click of a button. All of our contact form templates are professionally designed, yet completely customizable: you can choose which fields to display in the form, such as name, phone, email address, company, and message. The info collected from this form gets sent right to your email:

Custom Facebook Page

What are the benefits of a contact form tab?

The contact form is a quick and easy way for your visitors and fans to contact you if they have a quick question, comment, or concern about your product or service. It’s a powerful Facebook marketing tool for interacting with both existing and potential customers.

Another great way to use this form is as a lead generator. You can follow up with anyone who submits your contact form, and turn them into loyal customers.

This tab is sure to help you grow your fan base and keep existing clients happy.

How do I get a contact form tab?

Make a Custom Facebook Page

Adding this contact form tab is a snap with Pagemodo. Sign into your account and click the red “Create a New Page” button on the top right-hand corner. Then, of the tabs available, click the “Contact” button with the envelope on it. Choose the template you like best, and customize it as you wish. You can publish it on your business Facebook page in one click!


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