Should the people at Facebook kick themselves for the terminology they’ve chosen? Yes. Yes, they should. They should be full of regret for calling some Facebook pages “Pages” and other pages “Profiles.” It’s confusing!

I’m hoping this series of overview articles will become a helpful resource for small business owners who want to make a  Facebook fan page…but aren’t sure where to start. Today’s post covers the difference between a page and a profile, and nine reasons why it’s vital to make a Facebook fan page for your business.

What’s the difference between a Page and a Profile?

  • Pages are for businesses. Profiles are for people.
  • People become “fans” of pages and “friends” of profiles. That’s why a page is sometimes referred to as a “fan page” or a “business fan page.”
  • Weirdness: You must have a profile in order to set up a page! The profile you use to set up your page will automatically become the “Administrator” of the page.

9 Reasons to Make a Facebook Page for Your Business

  1. People don’t have to be logged in to Facebook to view your page (more views!)
  2. Each page is indexed by Google and will show up in Google search results (more visitors!)
  3. You can promote your page with ads that show up in the sidebar and the News Feed
  4. You get one-click communication with fans (i.e. posting news on the page’s Wall, event invitations)
  5. Fans can use the page’s Wall as a forum for discussing your products and services
  6. You can add customized, engaging tabs (like Pagemodo’s Welcome tab or Video tab or Coupon tab or Map tab…)
  7. There’s no limit on the number of fans your page can have (unlike a profile’s 500-friend limit)
  8. You can use HTML and Flash
  9. Helpful graphs called User Insights give you info about your page visitors

We hope this overview has been helpful. Keep an eye out for our next installment of the “Overview of Facebook  for Business” series in which we cover how to actually create your business’s Facebook page.

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