When the last piece of confetti fell in the Superdome on Sunday night, we had a clear winner. No, we’re not talking about The Baltimore Ravens, or the Super Bowl MVP (sorry Joe Flacco), we’re talking about milk’s favorite cookie.

While some companies (Oreo included) spent millions of dollars producing splashy commercials that they then spent millions more to air them, it was Oreo who left one of the biggest impressions of the night with a quick-thinking tweet that was re-tweeted 10,000 times in the space of an hour. (Ad Age)


So how did Oreo score this social media touchdown? There were several factors that came together to make this kind of success possible.

The first being the brilliant minds at Oreo’s digital agency, 360i. You can ‘buy’ an ad agency, but you can’t buy instincts and creativity. The tweet’s simple image and direct copy were on-brand, effective, and engaging.

The second factor was agility. During the game, the agency team and top Oreo executives were all gathered in the war room watching. Because the process didn’t require emails and phone calls and image attachments, they were able to come up with the idea, create an image, compose the copy, and get it approved in a matter of minutes. Responsiveness is crucial when dealing with social media.

The third contributor to success here is Oreo’s invaluable brand. Not only is Oreo almost universally recognized, it’s also universally beloved. Not just any company could garner this kind of success with one tweet. But you have to start somewhere, so focus on brand building and engagement and you too can see major response to your best ideas on social media.

Did you see Oreo’s ad on Twitter? Were there any others that you ran across?


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