Today we are delighted to announce the launch of the latest version of Pagemodo’s Cover Photo Designer! As part of our mission to give small business marketers all the tools they need to create a seamless and professional social media presence, we have reinvented one of our most popular features. As Facebook and other social media channels continue to change, we think it’s important that our tools also evolve so we can provide the best advantage possible for the over one million small businesses already using Pagemodo.

Whether you are looking to increase engagement by posting a new image, freshen up your Facebook profile, or get more exposure for a promotion you’re currently running, we think you’ll find that the new Cover Photo Designer has a lot to offer!

So, what’s new with Cover Photo Designer?

1. New themes: Our designers have created dozens of new themes, with options for every design skill level. Whether you want a template that’s ready to go out-of-the-box, or something more simple that you can really put your signature on, there’s something for every style.

Cover photo designer themes

2. Redesigned interface: We gave Cover Photo Designer the same sophisticated design interface as the recently re-imagined Post Designer to help users create fresh new cover photos quickly and easily.

3. Add shapes and text: Now users can add custom shapes, borders, callouts, and text areas to their designs freehand, instead of just working with what comes with the theme from the start. We wanted to give marketers all the tools they needed to take advantage of Facebook’s recently-relaxed guidelines allowing brands to promote themselves, their events, contests, and more right on the cover photo.

Add shapes and text to cover photo templates

4. Brand your image: Now you can upload your own custom logo to your Facebook cover photo, resize it, and place it wherever you like in your design.

Add your logo to the new cover photo designer

5. Preview before posting: Have you ever wanted to create a cover photo that points to or interacts with other design elements, like your custom tabs or your profile photo? Now you don’t have to guess and resave a dozen times to get everything lined up – preview it directly within the tool before you post to make sure everything is just how you like it.

Preview your cover photo for Facebook before posting

6. Save and download: Save time and create more cohesive marketing materials when you save your designs for later use, and download your images to re-purpose them in other materials. Why not turn your fresh new cover photo into an email campaign banner!

We hope you’ll enjoy working with the new Cover Photo Designer. We designed to give our users the best experience possible, so we are always interested in getting your feedback. Your suggestion could go into our next update, like the user who requested the new undo-redo buttons! Just drop us a note at

Already whipped up something amazing? Enter our Cover Photo Designer Contest on Facebook!

About the Author: Sarah Matista is the product marketing manager and resident blogger for Pagemodo. Loves social media, branding, whales. Get more from Sarah on Pagemodo’s Blog and Google+.

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