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Mother’s Day is right around the corner! It’s a day to acknowledge a person who has played a central part in your life and helped shape the person you are today. Whether you recognize your biological mother or someone else completely, it’s time to reminisce and show her how important she is to you.

Now while on a personal level this might initially cause you to panic because you have four days to find a token of appreciation for your mom, from the standpoint of a small business owner, you should rejoice. Nearly 50% of shoppers make their purchases 2 and 7 days in advance of Mother’s Day. This means there is a huge audience in need of gifts now! In fact, Mother’s Day spending is on the rise and is the third largest retail holiday in the United States. As a small business, you have an enormous opportunity over the next few days to engage customers who have a serious spending deadline.

The Shelf, an influencer marketing platform, recently published a terrific infographic, which speaks to the growing consumer spend on Mother’s Day gifts, and offers digital marketing tactics to entice purchases from last-minute shoppers.  Some interesting stats include:

  • Mother’s Day spending has grown from $11.5B in 2005 to $21.2B in 2015
  • Of all of the Mother’s Day consumers, 33% will purchase their holiday gifts online
  • Online shoppers spend 38% more than offline shoppers for Mother’s Day gifts

Here’s the full infographic:

Courtesy of: The Shelf

About the Author: Julie Chomiak is the Content Marketing Specialist for Webs and Pagemodo. When she’s not scouring the web for small business trends, Julie loves traveling, interior design, and animals of all kinds. Get more from Julie on the Webs Blog and the Pagemodo blog.


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