Valentine’s Day is here, and small businesses are celebrating online around the world. Below are some ideas for celebrating the most romantic holiday of the year, and how you can maximize your relationship with your customers as they celebrate with their loved ones.

Create Valentine’s Day themed contests

One of the best ways to build excitement with your company’s brand and its services is to offer contests. But not just any contest! Themed contests around holidays are a great way to get attention to what you are doing. A Valentine’s Day contest could ask for customer submissions (customers send in cute photos of their celebrations) or could be prizes that are designed with the holiday in mind. Just make sure if you are running a contest on Facebook to abide by their TOS.

Ask your visitors what they are doing to celebrate their special day

Here’s something that requires very little preparation. On your Facebook Wall simply ask your visitors how they are spending Valentine’s Day. The benefit of doing this is that it will increase your social engagement with your customers, and let them know that you are genuinely interested in their lives and activities. Users who send in photos of themselves celebrating are always welcome.

Changing themes for the holidays is always a good idea

Whether it’s Halloween, Christmas or New Year’s, holidays and other cultural festivities are a great reason to change up the design on your Facebook business page in order to show how your business is keeping up to date with the things that are going on in your customers’ lives.

And here’s a couple of great examples

Our first example comes from Pro Flowers.


FTD realizes that a significant amount of their revenue comes from flower deliveries during the Valentine’s Day holiday. So it makes sense that they would go out and build their Facebook fan page around the holiday! In fact they even designed an entire custom tab around the holiday:

Even if your business does not make bulk of its revenue from Valentine’s Day, asking your customers how they are spending holidays might help you uncover potential consumer trends.  The key is to find out what makes your customers tick and customize your product offering to match their needs. It’ll show your customers you care, and more importantly will help you to stay up to date!

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