Last week we promised you something big was coming from Pagemodo, and today we are delighted to announce its arrival!

Pagemodo Posts is the newest addition to Pagemodo’s suite of tools that help small business marketers get the most out of their social media efforts. Pagemodo’s other products – Cover Photo Designer and Custom Page Apps – help users design and optimize their Facebook page, and Posts completes the package by helping users find, schedule and post the content that will engage their followers. Another exciting feature of Posts? It’s Pagemodo’s first product that also works with Twitter.

Why Posts?

As we talked about last week, small business owners know the importance of leveraging social media, but most lack the time required to use it effectively. Just having a Facebook page or a Twitter account is not enough anymore; you have to share high-quality, relevant content to engage with your fans and get them to share with their networks. Pagemodo Posts helps users do exactly that, in as little as 15 minutes a week.


How does Posts save so much time? If you’ve ever managed a social presence, you know how quickly scouring the web for quality content can eat up hours of your day. With Posts, you just enter relevant keywords into a search bar, choose the content you want to share from the Post Suggestions, choose the images you want to represent it, and post. Posts also saves time by allowing users to curate a queue of content that can be shared at user-selected or optimized times.


Posts also introduces a new browser bookmarklet, +Post. Another great time saver, +Post mean that you no longer have to copy a link, open Facebook, and paste in the URL. Now when you run across great content on the web, just click the bookmarklet, select the images you like, and share or schedule the post.


Why Now?

Recent changes to Facebook’s EdgeRank content ranking algorithm have made competition for space in your followers News Feeds even stiffer. And while EdgeRank’s code is tough to crack, research has shown that visual content gets the highest priority. This trend seems to be gaining momentum, especially with News Feed changes that Facebook just announced, which really highlight visual content.

This is where Posts comes in. Right now, when users paste a link in to Facebook, they sometimes get to choose between a couple of images that will be displayed very small beside the link itself. However, when users share content through Posts, the tool pulls many more related images to choose from, and the resulting post in the News Feed has a much larger and more eye-catching image.


As content marketing continues to become more popular, a good social media strategy is increasingly important. But it is hard to have an effective strategy without good analytics. That’s why Posts provides an analytics dashboard so users can see what kind of engagement each other their posts received, and adjust their future content strategy.


We’re excited to share Pagemodo Posts with you today. The tool is now live and available to all Pagemodo users, and we can’t wait to hear what you think. Please log in soon or create an account and leave us your feedback here!

Read the full Pagemodo Posts press release.

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