Last month we released the new Pagemodo Cover Photo Designer. To find out more about how small businesses can take full advantage of this new tool and build a brand on Facebook, we sat down with Webs’ Founder Haroon Mokhtarzada:

Why should a small business have a Facebook page?

Facebook is the dominant player in the social media space.  If your small business is not there, you are missing out on hundreds of millions of Facebook users, many of whom spend an average of an hour a day on the site.  Reaching out to a large volume of engaged users will give your small business the potential to get people talking about and sharing your products and services with others.  Plus, it’s free to put up your Facebook Page.  This is a very low (no) cost tool with which to market your business.

Why is it important for a small business to claim a Facebook page URL?

Your small business Facebook page can have its own unique web address, which Facebook calls a Username  (e.g.,  This is important to establish your brand. Plus, it helps you get recognized online when someone does a search from a search engine like Google or Bing.  This link is more likely to come up in search results. It’s also important to remember that this URL is available to everyone, not just people who already have a Facebook login.  So, you can use this link in any of your marketing materials.

Why is the cover photo so important, and how can a company use it to their advantage? What are some best practices?

Your cover photo is the first thing that visitors will see when going to your business’ Facebook page, so it’s really important to create a unique image that will impress your visitors.  However, Facebook does have some guidelines for this image.  You are not allowed to display pricing information, contact info like your website address, no Like or Share buttons or any calls to action, like “Get It Now!”  You’ve got a big space of 850 x 315 pixels in your cover photo to project your business’ brand or personality.  Luckily, with the new Cover Photo Designer from Pagemodo, business owners who are not designers or experts at Photoshop have a very easy tool to create a great looking image for their page.

How often, if ever, should a small business change their cover photo?

There’s no one answer that fits all businesses.  If you’ve got a lot of products and services you want to highlight, you may want to upload a new image every week.  If you’re not product oriented, you may want to change it out every month or two.  Once you’ve built one with the new Cover Photo Designer and see how easy it is, you can quickly change out your cover photo as many times as you need to.

 Why is Pagemodo’s Cover Photo Designer so advantageous for small business owners?

I started out as a small business owner and understand how valuable time can be. There are not enough hours in the day to do get through your “to do” list.   As we were designing the Pagemodo cover image tool, we kept that in mind.  I’m really excited about how little time it takes to create a unique image that will impress your page visitors.  Less time on this means more time to run your business.

Can someone with no design or social media experience use Pagemodo?

While Pagemodo is a powerful tool for all types of users, it was actually built for the small business owner who might not be social media savvy or have design experience.  Pagemodo allows anyone to create great looking tabs for their Facebook page as well as a fantastic looking cover photo.  With an easy step-by-step interface and one-click publishing, it’s simple and quick to create a professional looking Facebook presence.  Check out how easy it is to create a cover photo.

Why would someone who does have design or technical experience still want to use Pagemodo?

Hey, everybody likes to save time and get a head start on a design.  We actually have a paid package that is geared toward professional designers or ad agencies that need to design a Facebook Page, cover photo or tabs for their clients.  If you are a designer or know how to code you can start with Pagemodo and then do some high-end tweaks to get the design to look exactly how you want it to.

Have you tried any of the branding techniques Haroon suggests?


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