Instagram announced last week that your full feed is now available on the web; no longer just on your smartphone. Why is this useful, you ask? Perhaps your phone battery has died and you really need to see how that dinner your sister was cooking turned out. Or maybe you just want to see that expression on your roommate’s cat’s adorable face in full resolution?

Okay, okay, all jokes aside, this full-size Instagram feed is actually pretty neat. Not only can you see a matrix of all your images in their full glory – as you could before when Instagram launched web profiles – now you can see all the activity from your friends as well. While your web profile is still located at[Username], your feed can be found by simply logging in at

How does this new feature impact Instagram for brand use? Well, it doesn’t necessarily impact brand automatically. However, if casual Instagram users find the web-based feeds and profiles more attractive and user-friendly, they’re more likely to seek out brands and engage with their content. And that’s just one more way for possible customers to invite your business into their life and begin forming a relationship with your brand.

Also, as Mashable points out, there is plenty of available space in the interface on either side of the feed – suggesting the possibility for social advertising a la Facebook.

What do you think of these new developments with Instagram? Do you find this social channel useful for your small business already?

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