Last week on Vistaprint’s MicroBusiness blog, the company’s Social Media Manager Jeff Esposito discussed 5 reasons why it is important to include visuals in your physical marketing materials. We agree, and would also extend the motivations in his article to your online marketing presence as well.

And when we’re talking about your online spaces, a sixth reason to use images comes up: Social reach. As we discussed in a previous post, Facebook’s newly calibrated EdgeRank algorithm greatly prioritizes social posts that include an image. So if you want more people to see your post (and be more likely to share it), it’s a good idea to get creative and find a visual to accompany it.

And without further ado, here are Vistaprint’s 5 Reasons To Add Photos To Your Marketing Materials:

1. Showcase What You Do
They say that a picture is worth 1,000 words. When it comes to marketing less is often more, especially in the word category. Adding pictures of your work can help showcase the caliber of work that your business does. For example, if you are a custom woodworker, listing your services can be great, but showing off a custom bar or bureau can really help catch the eye of a potential customer or inspire them to purchase a similar order.

2. Put A Face To A Name
If you are camera shy, skip to the next tip. Have you ever shopped for a new home and noticed that the real estate professional’s face is prominent on their marketing materials? I recently shopped for a new home and our agent explained to us that faces help build trust. If you work with people, taking this option can put a face to your company and add some recognition when you are around town with potential customers.

3. Add Examples Of When To Call
Most pieces of marketing materials have a shelf life, meaning that many will get dropped into a recycling bin at some point. This is mostly due to the promotional nature of the marketing material or expiration date. One way to extend the life could be to add images of when a customer should call you. This option could be ideal for gutter cleaning companies, for instance. Visualizing tell-tale signs of gutters needing to be cleaned can have you top of mind when a customer needs their gutters cleaned.

4. Offer How Tos
Many customers like to try things for themselves. This do-it-yourself mentality can be seen in many industries. Chances are that their skills will never match your business’s services, but is still something they might want to do as a hobby or project. To help inspire this, you can offer images with some instructions on how to bake a certain pie or plans to a birdhouse. The DIY crowd will make sure to hold onto that tutorial and will more than likely tap your business when looking for professional help.

5. Add Seasonality
We live in a visual world, and chances are your business has some changes due to seasonality. Why not share those changes in a visual way? For example, if you own a landscaping business, why not show budding flowers in the spring, leaves in the fall or snow removal in the winter? Changing up the imagery not only gives you a chance to stay top of mind, but also allows you to market all of your services throughout the year.

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