If you’re considering adding online advertising to your marketing mix, check out this fascinating infographic created by e-Intelligence. It takes a comprehensive look at Google AdWords and Facebook Ads by the numbers. You’ll definitely want to peruse the whole piece, but here are a few of the most interesting details that stood out to us:

– Looking at global online ad market share, Google dominates by far. But when you pare the sample down to the US, Facebook Ads are actually pulling slightly ahead of Google.

– Google wins with .17 billion Unique Monthly Visitors to Facebook’s .15 billion. However, when looking at the time spent by each visitor on the two platforms, Google has just about 101 minutes/month to Facebook’s 414 minutes/month.

– Google is killing it with an average click through rate of 2% on its ads, whereas Facebook struggles at .05%

– Perhaps the mostĀ relevantĀ for small business owners: Every $1 spent on AdWords brings an average of $2 in revenue. For every $1 spend on Facebook ads, advertisers see $3 in revenue.

Of course you have to balance all of this information against your goals, your budget, and your industry, but some really interesting information over all!

Google AdWords vs. Facebook Ads


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