One of the biggest pieces of customizable “real estate” on your business’s Facebook fan page is your 540×180 profile picture in the top left corner. Do you know what’s directly below it?

Your tab menu.

So take a cue from other savvy business owners, and use your profile picture to draw attention to your custom tabs. You can do this by adding an arrow to your profile picture that points to the tabs below, as well as phrases like:

  • “Chance to win an iPad! Go to our contest below!”
  • “Click ‘Trip to Vegas’ below!”
  • “Click ‘Support’ for help.”

Here’s an example of a profile picture that directs people to their custom Support tab. This is from AutoCAD WS’s Facebook page:


This technique is great because it reminds your existing fans—who will be landing on your Wall whenever they return to your page—of the valuable content on your custom Facebook page. Completely new visitors who haven’t liked your page (yet) will, of course, land on whichever custom tab you’ve set as your default landing tab.

Tip: Make sure to keep your company’s logo as a big part of the profile picture so that people know this is your business’s official Facebook page. This way you can also ensure that the thumbnail image of your profile picture—which shows up beside everything you post on the Wall—is centered on your logo and will keep your brand identity intact.

For more examples of tab-emphasizing profile pictures, check out this blog post by HyperArts.

To get started, log in to your business Facebook page and hover your cursor over your current profile picture. The option to “Change Picture” will appear; follow that link and then upload an image containing both your business’s logo and a custom message/arrow that points out one of your custom tabs!

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