Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! On a day when there is so much talk of love, it’s a good time to check in on some of the most important relationships in your life. We’re talking, of course, about the people who follow you on Facebook. They entered into a relationship with you by clicking that ‘like’ button, and what have you done for them in return? 

If you’re worried that you’ve maybe been a bit neglectful, fear not; There’s a blog post for that! Back in October we talked about some great ways to engage with the people who have liked you on Facebook, to keep them commenting, liking, and sharing with you for years to come. Best wishes to you and followers!

They Like You, Now Make Them Love You.

Hey, you got another like on Facebook! You must be doing something right. Now, are you concentrating as much on keeping your faithful followers happy as you are on getting new ones?

As important as it is to bring in new leads to your Facebook Page, it’s just as important (if not more) to put some energy into building a stronger relationship with the people who have clicked that ‘like’ button already. If you succeed in turning that ‘like’ into love, your followers will become more loyal to your brand themselves, and more likely to become an evangelist for you among their network of friends.

So how are the most successful companies on Facebook doing this? Today we’ll cover some of the most popular ways to endear your fans to your brand:

1. Offer them exclusivity. Everyone likes to feel like they’re part of the club, right? So make sure to periodically reward your fans for their loyalty with coupons, offers, events, and Facebook-only contests. Not only will they feel special for having your exclusive offer, they get to show off that they are “in the know” among their friends when sharing your content. According to this fantastic infographic from Hubspot, 34% of people who like brands on Facebook do so to get access to promotions.

2. Contests and Giveaways. We’d all like to think that people want to connect with us on Facebook simply because they like us so much. But c’mon. Everybody loves a giveaway.

3. Ask for their input. People love to share their opinion, or something personal about themselves (hence the existence of Facebook itself). So when the opportunity arises to express on opinion to a brand and all who follow it, they jump at the chance. Coca-Cola frequently uses a fill-in-the-blank approach that their fans seem to love:

4. Give them first dibs. Related to their love of an exclusive deal is followers’ affinity for being the first to know. When your fans find out first, they never experience the heartbreak of an event being sold out, or hearing from someone else that their favorite band is going on tour. This also pertains to breaking news – people love to be the first person in their network to share a story.

5. “Caption This” photos. While this may not reflect your brand values and product offerings, it’s a worthwhile pursuit. Whether it’s their desire to kill time at work, or a latent desire to be a copywriter, people can’t get enough of writing captions. The Ellen DeGeneres Show frequently does this (and always gets thousands of comments and shares):

6. Feature their content. Nobody likes to feel like they’re just one of thousands of fans. They want their moment in the spotlight just like everyone else, so why not give them a chance to show off their content on your site? Fan photo contests are always popular, and Foot Locker has a great cross-promotion with an Instagram promotion they host showing people interacting with their footwear:

7. Share something personal. Whether it’s your company’s 20th anniversary or your human resources manager has just had a baby, there’s no better way to make people feel connected to your brand than to share something of yourself with them. A behind-the-scenes look at your company and the people who make it happen is a great way to engage your fans on Facebook.

What are the best ideas you’ve seen on Facebook for engaging followers? What have you tried yourself?

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