Pagemodo is moving forward with a new feature that is available to our Agency level users. This exciting new feature builds on the recent new feature of allowing Admin Editing for other users. For customers who have purchased an Agency level package you will now be able to oversee other admins from a specially designed control panel. This control panel allows you to easily give access to people you work with to enhance and improve your Pagemodo tabs. Whether it’s the employees at your company, your fellow co-workers, or friends and family, you’ll be able to allow others to give their artistic and intellectual input in your business’s Facebook business page. It’s never been easier to integrate everyone involved in your business’s growth and success!

How is this different from the admin access given to other levels for users?

The big difference between this feature and the basic Admin Editing feature is how much more control over editing you can now give to others. With this new feature you can give your admins access to editing and changing the themes on your custom tabs. You can allow admins to move custom tabs from one Facebook business page to another. And you can also now allow any admin to rename your custom tabs. And finally you can allow any admin to set the default tab on your Facebook business page. It all adds up to giving the people you designate as admins the ability to have complete control over your business’s presence on Facebook.

Below is a screen shot of the button that enables this new admin feature. It can be found on the account menu.



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