Facebook is in the midst of unrolling a lot of changes, some of which affect business Facebook pages.

Here’s a rundown of what page admins like you need to know:

  • The News Feed Ticker. A “ticker” now exists on the right-hand side of personal profiles to feature real-time updates from friends and brands. This is good for your business! Let’s say you post about a new product and then, two days later, a fan comments on your post. The post with its new comment will appear in your fans’ tickers, thereby bringing your “old” content back into the spotlight. In other words, your posts will have a longer shelf life thanks to the news feed ticker.
  • Goodbye Discussions and Reviews. Facebook will be discontinuing these two tabs around 10/31/11.
  • Total Reach Metrics. Facebook’s analytics tool, Page Insights, is adding new metrics that aim to show the “total reach” of your page:
    • People Talking About This will be a number formulated by adding up all of your likes, comments, and shares. This number will be publicly displayed on your page!
    • Friends of Fans multiplies the number of fans your page has times the number of friends they have (and subtracts any overlap). This shows the potential reach of your fan base’s connections. You can think of it as your secondary circle, which contains the next group of people to engage with. If your brand has 472,000 fans, it may have 145 million friends of fans.
    • Goodbye Static FBML Tabs. Facebook will begin deprecating these tabs around 1/1/12, and FBML apps will no longer work by June 2012. But that’s no sweat off your back, because you use Pagemodo to make your custom tabs!

And One Prediction:

As you may have heard, personal profiles will soon be transformed to a “timeline” format that emphasizes storytelling and photos. Will timelines come to business Facebook pages as well? Possibly. A little bird told us Facebook may apply the “timeline” format to pages’ “Info” tab…though Pagemodo users won’t have to worry about this, as they can create snazzy, dynamic “Info” and “About Us” and “Welcome” tabs with Pagemodo in a matter of minutes.

And One Idea for Entrepreneurs:

Use the new Subscribe feature on your personal profile so that fans of your business can “subscribe” to—and follow—you! This is different from following a brand. People who subscribe to you aren’t your “friends,” but they follow you, and your posts show up in their News Feeds. Think of it as a middle ground between a profile and a fan page. It’s yet another way to use Facebook to promote the amazing business that you run.

Let us know what you think about all the changes in the comments section.

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