On Tuesday, Facebook announced that it has made some major upgrades to the layout of business pages – on both the user and the administrator sides. The changes are visible now for iOS devices, and will be coming to Android devices soon. After tinkering with this new iteration for a couple of days, it’s clear that this is a change for the better for small business owners and users alike.

Page admins tend to be a little skittish these days when they hear that Facebook is making mandatory changes to any aspect of Pages, after major updates in the past have left them scrambling to update and optimize. But this time we’re in luck – Tuesday’s changes don’t require any attention from page admins. Yay! Facebook does recommend that you log in and check to make sure your page information is up to date (which is a good habit anyway).

One of the reasons this recommendation is particularly important is the emphasis the new layout places on interaction between users and local businesses in particular. There are now links at the top for one-touch actions like calling and checking in. The map is located at the top as well, which shows the attention Facebook is paying to local businesses now instead of just catering to national brands.

Why put all these development resources toward business pages? According to Facebook, almost half of the millions of users who interact with businesses on Facebook are now doing so from their mobile phones. With that in mind, it makes sense that we should take a step back and think about how that changes the equation. Just as your customers interact differently with your website and your Facebook page, they also interact differently with your Facebook from their desktop and from their mobile phone. While a follower might want to browse your timeline from their laptop and see what you’ve been up to lately, a mobile visitor is likely to have a distinct purpose in mind when they visit your page. They may want to check in, call or message you, or check to make sure you’re open at that time. This new layout allows them to do that much more efficiently.

Facebook Studio’s blog broke down the new experience by what’s new for people, and what’s new for page owners (although we know; you’re people too.):

For people

– A cleaner, simpler look, with better Page layouts for mobile viewing

– More relevant information up front so people can see the information they care about most – such as location and photos – at a glance

– Streamlined and prominent ways to interact with Pages, including actions such as Like, Call, Message, and Share, all of which now appear at the top of Pages

For Page owners

– Higher-appearing pinned posts, where admins can pin important posts (including offers or videos) from their desktops; these posts are now front and center when Pages are accessed on mobile devices

– Easier mobile management, allowing Pages owners the ability to easily switch between public and admin views directly from their mobile Pages/devices

Here is a screenshot of the new layout from our end, viewing the Pagemodo Facebook page as both a “person” and a “page admin”:

What do you think of the new layout? Let us know in the comments below!


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