Everyone who regularly uses Facebook is well aware that Facebook’s new Timeline feature is being rolled out and changing many aspects of the social media platform. In this post, we’ll talk about Timeline’s affect on Pagemodo, but more importantly, how you can use it to the advantage of your business.

Why is Timeline important?

There are several reasons why Timeline is important for all Facebook users. The biggest reason is that Timeline  will soon be mandatory for personal profile pages as Facebook will roll out the new layout over the next few weeks. You can see an example of a profile with the new format at: http://www.facebook.com/about/timeline.

The company is not offering users the option to opt-out from the redesign.

Timeline also significantly changes the structure of Facebook profiles, emphasizing imagery over text. Updates to newsfeeds will highlight “big” events in a person’s life, rather than giving the same level of attention to anything a person discusses in their life.

How does this affect Pagemodo?

Facebook has not made any announcement in regards to the Timeline layout being rolled out to business fan pages. Thus, business pages and your content will not be impacted in the short-term by the change. You will still be able to showcase your business in the same great you’ve always been able to through Pagemodo.

A little bird told us Facebook may apply the Timeline format to fan pages in the future, possibly to the “Info” tab. However, Pagemodo users won’t have to worry about this, as they can create snazzy, dynamic “Info” and “About Us” and “Welcome” tabs with Pagemodo in a matter of minutes.  As Timeline grows to encompass Facebook business pages, we will let you know what changes are being made to Pagemodo so that your business presence on Facebook is unaffected and takes advantage of all of Timeline’s new functions.

To learn more about all the various Timeline features go to the Facebook’s Help Center.

Continue to use the same tactics you’ve been using to garner success

You’re still going to achieve success by having a Facebook fan page that has a lot of “likes”. You’re still going to achieve success by using your business page to closely interact with your customers and satisfy their demands for great service. And perhaps most importantly, you’ll still need to have a Facebook business page that is well designed and functional.

How to use Timeline to promote your business?

The big revolution that Timeline represents is based on the idea that your life is a story through time. Events are graphically displayed in a beautiful manner for everyone to read. You can use this new format to your advantage by creating new ways to promote your business via your personal Facebook page.

Use the Cover photo to promote your brand/service

The new layout allows profile owners to upload a large, billboard-like, image to their profile. Use this option to promote your business. The size of this image is 840×310 pixels. Ideally you should upload an image that matches these dimensions so that Facebook does not resize your picture potentially causing it to be misshaped. Here’re a few examples of how some brands have used this space to their advantage:

Source: https://www.facebook.com/newslettergal

Source: https://www.facebook.com/herb.cloutier

Feature posts about your business

The new layout allows you to decide which posts or images should be featured on your profile. Use this option to your advantage by showcasing various big projects and updates your company has had recently. Not only will doing so give more prominence to your business on the new layout but it might help to remind your current followers about the services you offer.

So take the time to experiment with Timeline and see how you can use it to enhance your business!

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