When I logged into my Facebook account this morning, lo and behold, there was the new timeline right in front of me. After writing about the speculation and reports coming out of New Zealand a few weeks ago, I was wondering when I might be chosen to receive this new version of Timeline. Today’s the day!

Having asked around the office a bit, it seems that I’m among the first to have been activated (so flattered). In case you are among those still waiting to see the changes and wondering what some of your page’s fans may be experiencing, here is a brief overview:

1. Upon logging in, I was greeted with a guided tour that begins by saying “We’ve made some updates to how your Timeline looks.” Got it.

2. The most prominent change is the new layout. Instead of arbitrarily alternating your posts on either side of a Timeline, there is now a clear left side and right side. The left side is basically a mini about page with sections like Friends, Photos, and Likes. The right side is your timeline of posts as you would expect.

3. Next I noticed that the rectangular images representing my “apps” have gone back to the familiar tabs that were once at the top of my Profile, back when we had profiles instead of Timelines.

4. My “About” tab contains all the same information it did before (I think…I don’t keep up too well with this area of my Timeline) except that now it’s presented in a bigger and bolder format. More images, bigger areas, etc.

5. There’s also a section for Instagram now that shows all of my recently uploaded images. Not surprising, since Facebook now owns this app.

Those are all the changes I’ve noticed so far. I see this playing well for small businesses (and brands in general) because my “likes” and “places” are now more prominently displayed for my friends in both the anchored left hand sidebar and a larger, more image-heavy about page.

Have you been activated yet with the new Timeline? What do you like or dislike about it?

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