Today we’d like to wish Facebook’s Timeline a happy first birthday. Though technically it was introduced on February 29th, so we will have to do what we do to all leap-year babies and celebrate a day early.

How will Facebook be commemorating the birth of its major layout change? By making more layout changes, of course!

Now, before you clutch your laptop to your chest and shrink into the fetal position, this round of changes will not be nearly as disruptive to your small business Facebook page as the original Timeline introduction was. But it will bring some changes that marketers are likely to have strong opinions about.

What We Know So Far:
Facebook has been quietly testing some layout changes recently, and it appears they’ve just rolled out to most users in New Zealand and will begin spreading out to other users soon. Though according to, Facebook’s official line has been “We are always testing.”

What To Look For:
While the results of Facebook’s “testing” may mean changes to what New Zealand users have been seeing so far, here are the overall updates that are being reported:

– Timeline’s chronological posts will shift to the left hand side, rather than being split in alternating fashion across the two sides

– The right hand column will feature the page’s collections – posts, images, videos, etc. Admins will have some control over this area

– A new “Collections Manager” tool will allow admins to customize the content at the top of their Timeline, and rearrange items on the right hand column

– Subscribers may now be called “followers” instead of “fans”

– The ‘custom app’ boxes that replaced your wall tabs will now be replaced with…tabs. Does that mean we can stop saying “custom page apps” and start calling them custom tabs again? Fingers crossed. suggests that the way ads will be viewed will likely change, but they have not been able to offer specifics.

What To Do Now:
Keep an eye on your page for these changes to take place. Once they do, hop on that “collections manager” feature first and use it to customize your page so that it shows your “followers” whatever you think is most important. Beyond that, play with it and figure out how to make the best of the changes for your business.

We’ll have more updates for you as the changes roll out. What else have you seen or heard that we haven’t reported here?

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