Growing up, my parents told me is wasn’t important to be popular. Shows what they know! Having a well-liked Facebook page is a great way to gain major brand exposure, cultivate relationships, and communicate with a targeted audience.

Raise Your Visibility

What exactly happens when someone “likes” your business’s Facebook page?

Let’s look at an example. I personally am a big fan of kettle corn from a company called Popcorn, Indiana. If I “like” their page, here’s what shows up on my personal profile’s wall and in my news feed:

It won’t be long before one of my friends sees this, and decides to click on “Popcorn, Indiana” to check out their page (such as my boyfriend, who loves their white cheddar popcorn).

Build Relationships

But the relationship doesn’t end there (between me and Popcorn, Indiana, that is, not me and my boyfriend). Every time Popcorn, Indiana posts a status update on their page’s wall, that update will appear in my news feed for me to see, like this:

So if your business’s page has 300 fans, then your status updates will be published in 300 people’s news feeds! And if an update contains great content, your fans may like it, comment on it, or share it with their friends. This kind of interaction builds customer loyalty and spreads your content virally through Facebook.

Communicate With the Right Audience

You also have the power to send direct messages (similar to email) to fans of your page. What’s more, you can target these messages so that you are contacting fans who are the right location, age, and gender for each piece of information, whether it’s a sale or info about a new product. This “Send an Update” feature can be found by clicking the “Edit Page” button and then navigating to Resources:

One note: use direct messages sparingly to avoid irritating fans–maybe only once or twice per month. In contrast, you can post status updates on your page’s wall much more often (approximately 1-2 times per day).

As you can see, there’s a lot of Facebook marketing value to be gained by amassing as many fans as possible.

To grow your Facebook fan base, use Pagemodo’s “Like” gate feature, which is a powerful (and effortless) tool for getting lots of “likes.”

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