Facebook recently announced that it is eliminating its mobile-only Places feature. Places was a mobile app that let people “check in” to locations in a three-city-block radius.

Now, instead of “checking in,” Facebook users can share their location in any post.

As a spokesperson from Facebook explains:

We’ve learned a lot since launching Places. The core insight is that most people on Facebook think about location as part of their everyday experience. The Places check in feed on the mobile app will go away and now a “place” becomes another descriptor to add to any post.

So now when you update your status, you can describe where you are now…or where you’ve been…or where you’re going. You simply type in your status and then click the pushpin icon to add your location, which can be as general as a city or as specific as an exact address:

How will this affect Place pages?

According to Vitrue, Place pages will still exist, but are now synonymous with the “Local Business & Places category,” which is one of the category options you can select when you first create a business page (to learn how to make a page, read my blog post “Creating a Facebook Page”).

How can this help my business?

Facebook users can select your Place page as their location! And if your business’s customers share that they’re at your store or restaurant, you’ll be getting more exposure, because their status updates will appear on their profile and in news feeds for all their friends to see.

You can see how many people have posted about your location: on the right sidebar of your Place page you’ll see a line that says “X number of people were here.”

How do I make a Place page?

If you are a local business with a brick-and-mortar storefront and currently have a company or brand business page, it’s easy to turn it into a Place page: just add your business address! It works the other way, too: if you delete your business address from your Place page, it will revert to a regular business page.

If you are a local business, go a step further: use Pagemodo’s Map & Location feature to add a colorful, interactive Google map to any of the custom Facebook tabs you make with Pagemodo. Then prepare for a lot more foot traffic….and a lot more status updates from fans about being at your storefront!

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