This week’s Facebook Fan Page of the Week is a business page that has really made full use of Pagemodo’s features to attain success. They are using the custom tabs available to drive new fans and make contact with potential customers by using Like Gates, a Welcome tab, and a Contact Form.

For both their Welcome tab and Spa Deals tab, Beleza Medspa is using a Like Gate.  Visitors will need to like the page in order to get access to the content.   For their Spa Deals page, they have added a Like Gate and created curiosity by asking “Want to get a great deal?” Who doesn’t?

Facebook like gate 

Once users like the page, the promotion code for the deal is revealed:

No Like Gate


Another great way to generate leads for your business is with a Contact Form.   Pagemodo offers a Contact Form tab that is especially designed to help businesses gather information from potential customers-name, email, phone, etc.  Plus, this tab can be designed to match the background imagery of all of your other custom tabs in order to create a unified look and feel.

Once a user fills in the information and hits the “Send Message” button. Beleza Medspa will receive an email that includes the data from the form.  

We recommend to anyone building a Facebook business page to use custom tabs that make sense for your business and Beleza MedSpa has done so.  Their goal is to attract new customers and they are trying to reach that goal through the use of Like Gates and a Contact Form. These custom tabs allow them to grow their fan base, generate new leads and at the same time project an image of a sophisticated and tech savvy business. So if you want to attract new customers, try using different custom tabs to see which ones works for your business.

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