When Facebook’s Timeline format became mandatory for businesses, the response was somewhat mixed. But as marketers have become more familiar with the format’s potential, its popularity has grown a great deal. Whether you are among the converted already, or are looking to find ways to use Timeline to its fullest, here is a summary of the changes and ways they can work to your advantage.

Page Changes:

  1. No More Default Landing Pages: All fans will be taken to the timeline wall by default, so think of ways you can pin content that will welcome fans when they reach your page. Make sure to keep your content fresh!
  2. Cover Photo: Fan pages now have a large cover photo image that can be used to showcase a picture of your business, logo or other image that brands your page. Here are some best practices for cover photos. Keep in mind that cover photos cannot contain price or purchase information, contact info, references to ‘Likes’ or any calls to action.
  3. Milestone Feature: Now you can display the evolution of your brand through milestones. When you specify a milestone, you can add a headline, location, date, details of the milestone and a photo for your fans to see. This is a great feature to maximize engagement – think about ways to you can encourage your fans to browse your history for milestones (e.g. contests)
  4. Direct Page Messages: You now have an option to allow for fans to message you directly on your business page, much like Facebook profiles.

Post Changes:

  1. Star/Highlight: Increase the size and visibility of a story or post.
  2. Hide: Hide a post from your Timeline without deleting it permanently.
  3. Pin: Keep a story or post at the top of your timeline for up to 7 days at a time. This will be the first post users will see when they come to your business page. Great for big events, product launches, or contests.

More Information:

We’ve been following the changes to Facebook pages for some time now. Here are some great posts to check out for more information about this important change to your Facebook presence:

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How do you feel Facebook Timeline has worked for your page so far? Do you think the new features are useful for engagement and promotion?

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