Today Facebook has announced the expansion of its Timeline format to Facebook business pages. This is an exciting design change to people’s business pages, but don’t worry as Pagemodo custom tabs will continue to function normally and the designs that you’ve created through Pagemodo will not go away. We think Timeline will greatly enhance the design potential of Facebook business users, and that Pagemodo will continue to give you, our customers, fantastic designs and features for your custom tabs as these changes take place.

What the changes mean

As of today, Timeline is a free option for Facebook fan pages. By the last day of March, Facebook will automatically move all fan pages to Timeline.

Your custom tabs will function as before, but they may be slightly visually different as their widths will be changed to fit better with the Timeline format. You’ll be able to access them through the new app button, which appears on the new default landing page right underneath the cover page image.

And that leads us to the other big change: the default landing page itself. Before you were able to change your default landing page to whatever tab you like. Now with these changes you must use Timeline as your default landing page. You can still have as many custom tabs as you like, but the ability to design your own landing page has been circumvented.  

Timeline is a powerful tool

Timeline is a dramatic visual change for Facebook users, and now it has come to business users of Facebook. We’re going to be updating throughout the day with in-depth looks at the changes that are being implemented and what these changes mean for Pagemodo customers. Watch this space throughout the day!

First quick update

For more information from the Pagemodo support team about the changes Timeline brings, click here.


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