According to the latest announcement from the company’s official blog, Facebook will roll out auto-playing video ads this week. The first ad is set to be promoting the upcoming movie “Divergent”.

The goal of such ads is to build “awareness campaigns that are meant to reach a large number of people to increase interest in a brand, product, or content, in a short amount of time. Page post video ads can then come into play to sustain the message of this initial campaign over longer time periods, in more targeted ways.”

What the ads will look like:


What you need to know:

    • Facebook is still in the testing phase. Video ads will only be available to a limited circle of advertisers for now. The company is likely to iterate on the feature set in the near future before rolling it out to all advertisers.
    • The ads will auto-play as users scroll through the newsfeed – without audio, thank god.
    • There is no way to turn off or opt-out of these ads (other than scroll past them).
    • The sound for the video will be turned on if the user actively interacts with the ad by clicking or tapping on it.
    • Similar to the way videos display on YouTube, two additional video options will display at the end of the featured video ad for those users who are interested in exploring other content from the same company (if it’s available).
    • The video ads will show for both mobile and desktop users.
    • The video ads will not impact mobile data plans, as the videos will be downloaded in advance when mobile devices are connected to WiFi.
    • Reportedly there are certain regulations that will guide which videos will be chosen to be displayed in these ad spaces, but they’ve not been released yet.

Comment below with your thoughts about this latest feature from the social media giant. Will this help boost engagement and reach for your brands, or will this become yet another feature you will have to scroll past quickly on the ongoing quest to stay connected with your inner circle of friends?

About the Author: Irina Kabigting is Pagemodo’s Marketing and Social Media Manager.
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