A successful Facebook fan page can be measured by a number of ways: the traffic it receives, the number of likes it has, the amount of money it is bringing into your business as a gateway to your main line. But what about the impact your fan page is having? How do you measure that? A successful fan page is more than just a mini-website on Facebook. It can enhance your business and your online presence immensely. Below are five elements that a Facebook fan page should have that may be more relevant measures of success:

  1. Your Facebook fan page builds your brand. We’ve talked about branding before . Make your fan page a consistent part of your online presence by having it contain the same logos and designs as your other marketing efforts. By associating your brand through Facebook with a well designed fan page, you’re telling your customers that you understand the importance of being a part of the world’s most popular social network.
  2. Interact with your visitors. That means maintaining contact with them through your Wall Tab and elsewhere. This will become one of the biggest reasons for visitors to continue to come to your fan page, as they will have their questions answered quickly and they will learn more about the personality behind the fan page’s business, which of course is you.
  3. Make sure it is connected to the wider online world you have created. That doesn’t just mean it is connected to your business’s website. It must also be connected to your social media channels. It must also be connected to an e-commerce store if you sell online. So remember to connect your Facebook fan page with everything else you’ve put up for your business online in order to catch as many customers as possible.
  4. It has a life of its own. That means it is worth visiting rather than just supplementing your other online presences. Why would visitors want to go to your Fan Page? They may want to interact with you on your Wall tab, or you may offer contests and other freebies on your fan page that you may not offer elsewhere.
  5. Make use of Facebook Insights. Insights allow you to “see” the impact your actions are having on the success of your fan page. You can use Insights to see the overall traffic of your fan page, and you can see where your Likes are coming from, i.e. whether people are liking your fan page from your website or from your page directly. You can also find out where your traffic is coming from, giving you “insight” into how your customers are finding you.  

So there you have it! Use these elements to set yourself apart from the competition.

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