Tips to Drive More Traffic to your Custom Tabs from Timeline

As many of you have heard, Facebook will be launching Timeline for pages, altering the format of your Facebook page.  Here’s a few early tips to maximize traffic to your custom tabs.

Tip 1: Make sure your custom tabs are showcased at the top of your Timeline.  Here’s how:

If your custom tab is not already visible among the 4 app icons on your Timeline:

1.  Click the right arrow next to your tabs

2.  Hover your mouse over the custom tab you want to showcase and click the “pencil” icon to swap the position of the icon

3.  Select the tab you want to swap it with to have it appear there (be sure to select tabs that are visible in your timeline already)

How to Reorder Custom Tabs on Facebook TImeline

Tip 2: Pin a post that highlights your Welcome Tab. By pinning a post, you put at the top of your Timeline a message to visitors instructing them to visit your custom tabs. The pinning of a post lasts for seven days. Remember, the only posts you can pin are your own posts, not the posts of others.


1.  Here’s an image showing how to put the Welcome tab in your Timeline and how to pin it:

2.  Click on your custom tab to get your tab URL which appears in your browser bar

3.  Copy the URL to your clipboard (hint: press CTRL+C)

Pin a post that highlights your Welcome Tab4.  Go back to your Timeline and type a welcome message in your status box, then paste the URL to your custom tab.  (Hint, after pasting it Facebook will generate a nice looking link for you.  You can then delete the URL you pasted from the status box to make the message cleaner)

Pin a post that highlights your Welcome Tab5.  Post the message

6.  Hover your mouse over the new post and click on the “pencil” icon that appears in the top right corner of the post

7.  Select the “Pin to Top” option

Pin a post that highlights your Welcome Tab

Visitors will now see the link to your custom tab as the first thing at the top of your timeline.

Advanced Tip: Upload an attention grabbing custom icon for your tab

Facebook now lets you upload custom icons for your tabs.  Here’s how:

  • Go to your timeline and click on the “Admin Panel”
  • Click on the “Manage” button and then “Edit Page”
  • Click on the “Apps” tab on the left
  • Find the tab you want to update and click on “Edit Settings”
  • Click on “Change” to upload a new Tab Icon

That’s it for now!  We will continue posting updates and announcements to help you transition smoothly into the new format.  Over the course of the next several days, we will be making additional changes to Pagemodo to ensure an optimal experience with the new Timeline.

Best Regards,

The Pagemodo Team

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