Today’s post comes from the Pagemodo Design Team!

When we were all planning this release of Pagemodo Post Designer, we wanted to help the team create not only a better photo editor for social media, but also an improved beta experience for our users. We listened to everyone’s feedback, and also used the tools extensively ourselves as designers. While many of our users enjoy Pagemodo for personal projects, there are also lots of marketers and designers using our tools. We wanted to make sure it stood up to their standards.

We took a fresh look at the tool, thought about what we’d like to see as designers, and created what you’ll see now when you log in. We think you will love it. It’s extremely easy to use for quick posts, and the integrated customizable sharing options are very convenient.

Designing with Post Designer is super fast. You don’t need to download the final design to post it – you can do it right within the tool, and post it directly onto your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


And while you don’t have to download it, you now have the option to if you want! If you’d like to use it for promotions on other platforms or media, we give the option to save your design to your computer.

We also added a wide variety of vector shapes to our Shapes Library, and made searching easy.


Whether you are making a quick seasonal post for fun, promoting an event, or announcing a sale, our tools will make it quick and painless. No more Photoshop files to keep track of, we save all of your designs so you can edit or reuse them whenever you want.

You can easily duplicate shapes, change the colors, change opacity and precisely reposition items with our helpful positioning guides, making sure everything is aligned perfectly.

We also added text elements and editable text shapes. Now all you have to do is click and edit text elements and still have a beautiful design. Since we use Google Fonts, there is a big selection to choose from, and we are adding more fonts over time.


We hope you’ll enjoy working with the new release of Post Designer! This is still the beta version, so we have a few more updates and design improvements up our sleeves that will go into the final version of the tool. For now, check it out here:

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