So you’ve made a beautiful and informative Welcome tab with Pagemodo—smart move! And of course you want to be sure that your custom Welcome tab is the first thing visitors see when they arrive on your business’s Facebook page. In Facebook terms, this is called a “custom default landing tab.”

Good news: Pagemodo automatically sets the first custom tab you create as the  default landing tab for new visitors arriving on your Facebook page. Effortless! And here are a few FAQs about default landing tabs:

Who, exactly, lands on my custom default landing tab?

Only visitors who are not yet fans of your page land on the custom default landing tab. Once a visitor “likes” your Facebook page (yay!), he or she will subsequently arrive on your page’s Wall rather than on the Welcome tab. That’s just the way the Facebook platform works.

Also, as the Admin of the page, YOU will not land on the custom landing tab when you navigate to your page. You must log out of your account and then visit your business’s Facebook page to see what a new visitor sees.

What if I want to set a different custom tab as the default landing tab?

You can easily set any of your Pagemodo-made custom tabs as the default landing tab. Just login to Pagemodo and hover over the gear icon by the tab you’d like to set as the default tab:

What’s the advantage of having a custom landing tab?

Without one, new visitors will land on your page’s wall, which—no offense—is generic looking and uninviting to those who know nothing about your business.  In contrast, a custom landing tab impresses visitors and turns them into fans.

2010 test by BrandGlue found that their visitor-to-fan conversion rate was 23% without a custom default landing tab and 47% with a custom default landing tab! What’s so special about having a lot of fans? Find out in our post “Why Facebook Likes Are Important.”

What is the goal of a custom landing tab?

To turn Facebook visitors into Facebook fans by warmly welcoming them, introducing your business as a professional, trustworthy brand, and indicating that there’s value to be gained (like sneak peeks or discounts) by following your brand.

What if I’m still having problems with my landing tab?

Make sure you’ve followed the correct process:

  1. Create a Facebook page for your business.
  2. Design a custom Welcome tab with Pagemodo.
  3. Publish your custom Welcome tab on your Facebook page. This custom Welcome tab is now the landing pad for all non-fans and non-admins who arrive on your Facebook page.
  4. Use Pagemodo’s other templates to design more custom tabs for your Facebook page. Offer fan coupons, display a map of your physical location, add “like” gates, and more.

Make your custom default landing tab in minutes at and get more fans immediately!

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