We’ve recently discussed SEO tactics for your Facebook business page, now let’s talk about content from a marketing standpoint. While SEO is a necessity to draw customers to your business page via search engines, strong content that appeals to your customers will help keep them on your page and engaged with your business after they’ve found you.

One of the great advantages of using a Facebook business page builder like Pagemodo is that it is not only easy to create good looking pages, it’s also easy to update pages. If you change your products and services, you can easily add more custom tabs to showcase those products, or update your existing tabs to show them off. Pagemodo has recognized the importance to business owners of showcasing their products and services and has recently added the feature of unlimited custom tabs for all Agency and Pro users.

Three rules for great content

First, be interesting. It’s not about you or your product; it’s about how you or your product can fulfill the readers’ needs. Write to the reader using I/We and speak directly to their needs to hold their interest. Don’t provide a list of everything you have to offer, rather describe to the user how the product or service you offer solves their problem.

Second, be consistent with your brand and personality. If something doesn’t fit, don’t post it.

Third, suggest action. Don’t just tell the reader how you solve their problem, let them know the next steps towards getting that solution. In other words, make it easy for them to commit to action and make a purchase.

An additional benefit to updating content is that it keeps your customer base engaged. When visitors return to your page, new content indicates that you are actively supporting your business. A static page could signal visitors that a business owner doesn’t care about connecting with customers, even though they do.

How can this build your brand?

We’ve talked about branding before, and how branding is one of the best ways to separate your company from the competition. One of the ways Facebook benefits businesses is how it creates a very intimate atmosphere between a business and its customers. The Wall tab on your Facebook business page is a way for customers to publicly cheer (or jeer) the efforts of your company. As you respond to comments on your wall, you build a relationship with customers and show how you are answering their concerns.

Another important part of content is how you use images. Not only do images help create a beautiful Facebook business page, but it further helps you sell your product or service. What’s important is to use images consistently across all your marketing efforts, including your Facebook business page. By making your business page, web page, and advertising have a similar look and feel, particularly in regards to logos, fonts and color choices, you create a brand “feel” for your customers.

So enhance your business page with compelling content to gain customers and increase revenue!

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