Today’s article is a guest post from social media marketer Angela Moran.

About 25 percent of the population is in the Millennial generation. That’s 80 million people in the U.S. alone. This generation is often misunderstood when it comes to buying habits, which was a hot topic at this year’s Advertising Week. Millennials actually care about brand authenticity, transparency and openness. In order for companies to be relevant to a generation larger than the Baby Boomer, you must tap into their lifestyles, cultures and day-to-day activities. When drawing up your marketing plan, turn to social media to reach this generation. It’s the way the majority of millennials connect with brands.

Make a lasting impression in just six seconds by using Vine. Twitter bought the app and re-released it to the world in January 2013. With a 207 percent increase in users from two months ago, it now has over 40 million registered users. This is an extremely large audience you can reach for free. With a six-second video and some creativity, your brand can become an social media sensation. See what some of these brands are doing with their Vine campaigns.

New Era

New Era has a new product. It’s a Flip Up City Snapback Hat. The inside brim has graphics of the logo city. This Vine shows exactly what that means with a New York Yankees cap. A simple visual product intro can catch a potential customers attention faster than any written word.

Lee Jeans

Lee takes a couple approaches in this Vine. They take the sneak peak concept and pair it with new product promotion to spotline a new jean style. With Black Friday practically around the corner, retailers are getting a head start in the battle for customers. Lee Jeans can be found at Kohls, Walmart and JC Penney on Black Friday.

Dairy Queen

Did you know Dairy Queen had such a sense of humor? This Vine shows a youthful take on a company that’s been around since 1940. DQ’s Vines offers an introduction to a new side to the company; one that speaks to the Millennials through humor.

Tips for Making Memorable Vines

  • Plan and practice: Vine doesn’t allow you to save and post. You shoot your video and if you like it, you post it. If you don’t post it, you lose it. So reshoot until you are completely happy with your video.
  • Get to the point: Do one thing in your message. Don’t try to fit a bunch of things into the six seconds you have or it will get messy and turn customers away. Either offer a how-to, introduce a product or give a sneak peak.
  • Make mini-scenes: One continuous six-second video is hardly captivating. Instead, utilize the platform to make quick scenes with multiple angles and possibly various locations.
  • Use hashtags: Build a community on your terms by adding #hashtags to all of your Vines. For example, retailers should begin promoting their Black Friday deals on all social media platforms by adding #BlackFriday. Users can search the term and find your Vine. Also blast the link to your Vine video on Twitter.

About the Author: Angela Moran is a social media marketer. She left a semi-cushy marketing job in corporate America to launch her own social media consulting company.

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