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Father’s Day is only a few weeks away and shopping for the perfect gift can be a challenge. What do you get the tech-loving dad who has everything? Well, if you are stumped as to what to get dear old dad, check out our top 10 tech gift list. You’re guaranteed to knock your dad’s socks off with any of these recommendations.

Amazon Fire TV – $99.99

Amazon’s Fire TV is your best-bet for dad if he’s been known to binge-watch a TV series. Fire TV provides over 250,000 TV shows and movies from Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and HBO NOW. Don’t worry about finding the remote; this system has voice-search, so dad can watch whatever his heart desires by simply calling out its title and avoiding confusing remote buttons all together. read more

National Small Business Week is in full swing! Since 1963, the president has proclaimed one week out of the year as National Small Business Week citing the importance of small businesses to our national economy, and per President Obama’s 2016 proclamation, as representative of “the spirit that has always driven our Nation forward.” This is truly a week of celebration and acknowledgment of the hard work and dedication millions of Americans put forth each day to grow their passions and prosperity across the country. Don’t be fooled, though. There’s so much more to NSBW than festivities and merriment; business and industry findings are revealed, which glean insight into what’s in store for small businesses in the future. read more

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Pinterest recently opened its Promoted Pins platform to small businesses, meaning that small businesses can now target and segment their ads at a much deeper level. Small businesses can now collect data and audience insights that were previously off-limits.

According to a Pinterest internal study, “Promoted Pins have a major impact on brand metrics. People who saw Promote Pins have seen double digit lifts across several brand objectives from awareness, to favorability, to purchase intent.” read more

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2016 has been a banner year for rolling out new social media features. We’ve gathered the latest and greatest and broken down what they are and how to use them. Check them out below!

Facebook Live

Facebook Live showcased their latest features over the past week and upped the intrigue with what’s to come in the near future. Housed inside of the app, users now have the ability to “go live in Facebook Groups and Events, access interactive features….and invite friends to watch a live stream with them.” This all comes on the heels of the increasing demand for video across all social media. read more

For anyone who has ever posted on Facebook, or pinned something, or tweeted, and thought “I wonder how many other people just did that too”, do we have an infographic for you, my friend.

Penny Stocks Lab has created a dynamic infographic that measures what happens on the internet during the time you spend looking at the graphic. It updates every second, and depicts the real-time activity of social media sites, services, and ecommerce – and it’s pretty amazing.

In the time it took me to write this thus far, there have been: read more

The internet – social media in particular – is a never-ending source of wonderful new words. Today’s blog post is brought to you by the term Newsjacking, coined by author David Meerman Scott. In a blog post, Hubspot defines this as “the practice of capitalizing on the popularity of a news story to amplify your sales and marketing success.”

For maximum impact, Newsjacking must be done early and quickly. This requires two things: fearlessness and agility. In other words, you must have the ability to create content on the fly, and the guts to send it out immediately. read more

The rising popularity of social media marketing has directly increased the amount of efforts put into utilization of this marketing channel by small businesses. The following inforgraphic examines if there is truly a measurable ROI in social media.

About the Author: Irina Kabigting is Pagemodo’s Marketing and Social Media Manager. Get more from Irina on Pagemodo’s Blog and Google+.

Studies have shown that Facebook fans are more likely to spend money with your brand than customers that are not fans. Likes drive revenue and profit! With that in mind, we’ve put a list of five ways to help you get more likes for your fan page.

  • Tell your friends to like you! Make sure you let everyone you actually know on Facebook that your business needs more likes, and that you would appreciate it if they visited your business page. It’s an easy way to get started and build an initial following.
  • Interact with your customers. This is probably the biggest way to generate likes. It may sound obvious, but when people “like” your business, they genuinely like your business, and like you as well. If they know that the people behind the business are receptive to their wants and needs, customers will like you.  Regularly responding to comments on your wall not only will help you gain more likes, but helps you have a better understanding of what your  customers’ needs are.
  • Put up a like gate. Pagemodo offers users the ability to put up a “like gate” or essentially a cover that hides content. It will only be removed when a person likes that page. If you hide tantalizing things behind the like gate such as a coupon or some other kind of special offer, you may very well generate many more likes. We feel a like gate is one of the most effective ways to generate high like totals, particularly if it is hiding something interesting underneath!
  • Do a contest or special offer around the number of likes you want. Now be careful, Facebook has strict rules regarding likes and contests. As long as you do not specifically say the “Xth” person to like our welcome tab wins a prize, but have a contest around a general number of likes achieved, you will be ok. For instance: if your Facebook business page receives enough likes, you’ll hold a special contest. The closer you get to your likes goal, the more momentum that may build and get you to the level you want. You want the time period long enough to garner the likes you need, and you want the number of likes you want to be reasonable. You don’t want to be in the embarrassing situation of not succeeding in getting the number of likes you wanted.
  • Make sure you tell people about your Facebook business page on your other marketing platforms. If you have a website, tell people to like your fan page. If you have a blog or twitter feed, mention to people to like your fan page. Again, this may coincide with a contest or some other kind of special offer. One of the most important aspects of building a great online strategy for your business is that you should always have all your marketing efforts work to support one another.
  • read more

    Facebook is conducting its first “Facebook Marketing Bootcamp”, a three week interactive event being held from November 1st through November 16th. Within this bootcamp there will be six separate webinars, one live Q&A and weekly tips. There are also interactive checklists that Facebook’s own marketing team have put together specifically with small businesses in mind. The Facebook Marketing Bootcamp will also have an in-depth discussion on setting up advertising campaigns directed at your Facebook page. read more


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