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Only 34% of marketers use Twitter to successfully generate leads.”


You’ve already read the top tips for posting on Twitter, how to fully utilize a Twitter header photo, and what it takes to prolong the half-life of your tweets to improve engagement on Twitter – but what about optimizing valuable engagement and turning it into meaningful leads?

The following statistics about Twitter’s millions of users, gathered by Hubspot and visualized by Market Domination Media, will help small businesses take advantage of existing Twitter features to maximize lead generation. read more

Who could have predicted when Instagram first came on the scene five years ago that it would have experienced such skyrocketing popularity. But a platform that has gained over 300 million monthly active users in such a short time clearly made some correct assumptions about the future of social media usage.

Whether due to the increasingly visual nature of social media, or users’ growing displeasure with the bombardment of sponsored content, political opinions, and negativity on some other platforms, Instagram is truly in the right place at the right time with its photo- and video-only offering. read more

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The holidays are upon us, and we wanted to get you something we knew you’d love. So today we’re delighted to announce the launch of one of our most requested features: sharing to Instagram! With the latest version of our award-winning Pagemodo mobile app, you can now share all your creative posts to everyone’s favorite visual platform.

Here’s how it works: 

1. Share a great visual on social media (we suggest a Post Design!)
2. Go to your Post History tab on the far left in the Pagemodo App
3. Click the share icon (circled above)
4. Select ‘Copy to Instagram’ from the icons (you may need to click the ‘More’ icon the first time)
5. Edit and share on Instagram as usual! read more

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If you are unfamiliar with the phrase “eating your own dog food,” Investopedia defines the phrase as…

A colloquialism that describes a company using its own products or services for its internal operations.”

The benefits of dogfooding are easy to identify:

  • When you challenge yourself and your employees to use your products, you can learn valuable lessons about the needs and experiences of your users
  • Your team can quickly find bugs and idiosyncrasies in your product to remedy the issues quickly
  • It demonstrates to your customers that you believe in your own products and their functionality

While the origin of the phrase ‘eating your own dog food’ is said to have been linked to Microsoft in the 1980s, many technology companies have adapted this corporate culture to further push their innovations.

There is no better example of this than from the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. read more

Today’s blog post is a guest article from content marketing expert Nora Flint. 

Most businesses limit their social media marketing strategy to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. They just look at the number of users and decide to go for top two or three social platforms.

If you are one of those businesses, you might be missing out on some great opportunities available at relatively smaller, but rapidly growing platforms.

Pinterest is one of those platforms with great potential.

It’s not far behind in numbers. More than 20% of all US adults use Pinterest, which is higher than Twitter or Instagram. read more

facebook images

Facebook advertising is renowned for its flexibility, customization features, and large reach. It’s a component of nearly every successful digital marketing strategy and continues to offer strong conversions. However, if you truly want to maximize the value of Facebook advertising for your brand, you must get better at image selection and implementation. Here are some tips to help point you in a positive direction:

1. People Want to See People
Content marketing is becoming increasingly visual. Videos and infographics have replaced static blog posts in the hierarchy of content and it’s clear that Facebook advertisers need to focus on the visual nature of their digital marketing campaigns as much as the calls-to-action. With that in mind, there’s no need to go crazy and develop eye-popping visuals. In fact, simple may be better. read more

Pagemodo Chrome Extension

Believe it or not, Chrome extensions have been around for almost six years! These easily installable widgets are often the easiest way to block ads, save articles for laterfind coupon codes, and perform a million other actions online.

However, many of these extensions aren’t valuable to small businesses. To save you the pain of sorting and searching, we’ve compiled a top 10 list of Chrome extensions for small business.

Install these extensions to save time, make your business more successful, and boost your productivity. read more

Last week, we gave you 3 stats to help drive your 2016 social media marketing strategy and polled readers about which social media platform they felt LEAST comfortable using heading into the new year.

In just one week, we had hundreds of marketers respond that Snapchat was their least comfortable platform for marketing.

Now it’s true that we haven’t written a LOT about the social media platform ourselves, but the last time we discussed Snapchat, we said that their new feature Discover was worth exploring as a business. Many of the publishers who have joined the partnership already have given positive feedback saying it has allowed them to reach a new audience they would have never found without Snapchat. read more

Last week, Instagram announced 41 marketing-tech partners to help grow their advertising business.

In a blog post, Instagram writes,

Instagram Partners help solve a wide variety of business challenges—whether it’s driving more installs for a new mobile gaming app, or driving in-store foot-traffic during the holidays…Instagram gives brands a powerful platform to drive consumer awareness and action, and to reach new, qualified audiences.”

In other words, after surpassing 400 million users, opening its API to the public, and providing clickable ads, Instagram advertising is the place to be! read more

1, 2, 3 hands

As 2016 approaches, it’s a good time to reflect on the state of social media marketing in 2015, and decide which social media platforms you hope to grow in the next year.

Social Media Examiner put together an easy-to-read Social Media Marketing Industry Report for 2015 that had a few interesting insights which may help in determining your 2016 strategy:

1. Currently, about 64% of marketers are using social media for six hours or more weekly. Tweet this stat

By spending as little as six hours per week on social, more than 66% of those marketers are seeing lead generation benefits with social media. Though, to reach these goals marketers often rely on the help of social media management tools. 87% of marketers reported they don’t know which social media management tools are best to use. If you feel you fall in this group, check out these social media tools to add to your toolkit! read more


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