By now you know that having custom tabs as part of your Facebook business page is a great way to market your business. What we’re going to do over the next few blog posts is give a more detailed look at how your custom tabs can benefit specific business types. Today’s post will review service providers. We’ll discuss below how to create custom tabs that best showcase a service provider’s business.

Service providers are a broad category. They basically include people who “service”, that is they are people who offer services as opposed to goods (though sometimes they may offer goods as part of their general service). Service providers include healthcare professionals, plumbers, hair stylists, lawyers, photographers, air conditioner repairers etc. read more

Below is our Facebook Fan Page of the week. This week we are profiling Conner Photography, a company that specializes in wedding and portrait photography.

They’ve chosen to make use Pagemodo’s custom tab builder as a gateway to their own business website by creating a custom Welcome tab. They’ve used one of the Pagemodo themes that emphasize images to highlight their recent wedding photographs. They are also trying to increase the number of their fans by including a “Like Us!” with an arrow aimed at the Like button. The more likes they get, the more they spread the word about their business by having Conner Photography appear on visitors’ walls. We like what they’ve done and wish them future success. Check them out! read more

I used to run a digital recording studio in Denmark, which was a fun job. Artists came to the studio to compose music and we sold their music online. That’s where I became interested in social media, which led me to my Facebook venture with Jakob, which turned into Pagemodo. What I didn’t expect when I started on this path was how Pagemodo would put me in touch with businesses and organizations that are doing good deeds in the world.

But when I see testimonials on our Facebook wall like this one from the Friends of League City Animal Shelter…. read more


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