In 2010, there were approximately 4,000 restaurants open in the Washington, D.C. metro area. That also happens to be the year that sisters Meaghan and Caitlin Murphy opened Capital City Cheesecake in the Takoma Park neighborhood, just outside the District. Nearly six years later, the business is still going strong and has become a part of the local community.

We were delighted to talk with Meaghan about their business’ secret ingredient for success in the crowded restaurant market in this area. In the interview below, you’ll find out how the business came to be, Meaghan’s thoughts on their most effective marketing strategies, and how important a business plan is – even for a well-established brand.  read more

Small businesses are on the rise in this country, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the booming economy of Washington, D.C., where nearly 60,000 small businesses can be found in under 70 square miles. With all that entrepreneurial spirit in such a small space, you need passion to stand out – something small business owner Molly Ruland has no shortage of.

We were excited to talk with Molly recently about her success, and we wanted to share her inspiring entrepreneur’s story with our readers. Below you’ll find her thoughts on small business goals and challenges, an inside look at the D.C. music scene, and her tips for small business success on social media and beyond. read more

ALS IceBucketChallenge Vector

Viral marketing is a home run for small businesses; while you may try to plan for such a campaign, it is merely the combination of the right pitch and excellent timing.

One of the largest viral marketing campaigns we have seen in 2014 is the #IceBucketChallenge. If you haven’t been on Twitter or Facebook in the last month (is that possible?), the premise of this campaign is for a person to donate a certain amount of money to a charity and dump a bucket of ice cold water (with ice still in it) over their head. read more

You already know how important it is for a business to have a Facebook business page. But did you know that it is just as important for small business to have a website as it is for the company to have a social presence? Just because you have your Facebook fan page set-up does not mean you are not missing out on other potential business opportunities.  Creating a website for your business in addition to having a Facebook fan page is a must for any long-term business success.

Websites allow your business to offer a more in-depth experience

Websites allow businesses to more readily engage visitor traffic. Through the use of web stores, social media tools like blogs, and the potential for more intricate design, websites have the ability to offer website visitors an extremely in-depth experience that can complement your Facebook presence. read more

This week we’re going to discuss how Pagemodo can help small businesses of all kinds, including franchises, flourish on Facebook. For the “Facebook Fan Page of the Week” we’re highlighting a Curves franchise that is using two different Pagemodo-built custom tabs to market their popular women’s exercise franchise “Curves” which was listed by CNNMoney as the ninth most popular franchise in America.

This Curves franchise is based in San Diego, and uses both a custom Welcome tab and video tab to engage with potential Curves customers. read more

For 2012, a recent survey by Webs asked 582 small business owners about their sentiments for the remainder of the year. The responses received were very interesting to say the least!

The responses have been compiled from the survey into a nifty infographic that can be seen below. In general, small business owners are optimistic about the future, and are looking forward to seeing their businesses grow in 2012. Businesses are also looking forward to making use of new marketing platforms, with Facebook in particular piquing their interest. read more

This week we look at Roxberry Smoothies, a rapidly growing smoothie franchise that utilizes Pagemodo functionality to reach new customers.

Roxberry Smoothies

Why have we chosen this specific Facebook business page? Roxberry Smoothies is a good example of a company putting branding into action.

How is this Facebook business page using branding?

If we look at Roxberry’s main page we see a video that introduces us to “Mr. Roxberry” who is becoming a kind of character for the chain. It’s a great use of the video feature on Pagemodo and perhaps more importantly, it shows an effort by a growing business to inject humor into its marketing. read more

This week’s Facebook Fan Page of the Week is a business page that has really made full use of Pagemodo’s features to attain success. They are using the custom tabs available to drive new fans and make contact with potential customers by using Like Gates, a Welcome tab, and a Contact Form.

For both their Welcome tab and Spa Deals tab, Beleza Medspa is using a Like Gate.  Visitors will need to like the page in order to get access to the content.   For their Spa Deals page, they have added a Like Gate and created curiosity by asking “Want to get a great deal?” Who doesn’t?  read more

This week’s fan page of the week is very popular with 13,000 likes! Kiwanis International  makes full use of Pagemodo’s features and it really shows with their beautiful Welcome tab that prominently displays a video that highlights what the Kiwanis are all about.


The ability to showcase videos on a custom tab is a quick and easy way to set your page apart from your competition. Video can play an immensely important role in your business. It shows your customers that your business is tech-savvy and sophisticated. One of the great things about Pagemodo is that it is extremely easy to make a Facebook business page that seems like it was complexly constructed, but in reality was put together in minutes. Just pick a video template and then paste in your YouTube or Vimeo video URL. That’s it. read more

It’s time to discuss the Facebook Fan Page of the Week! This week’s Facebook fan page is a British-based coupon and voucher business called OffersOn.

This company’s custom Welcome tab makes great use of color. We see a lot of branding across OffersOn’s  custom tab that makes for a very well designed and sophisticated Facebook business page. Remember, your Welcome tab is the very first impression that you can create for a visitor.  Having a clear call to action and still being informative on the tab is key. read more


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