Here at Pagemodo, we get excited about helping individuals and small business owners get the most out of our products and achieve their marketing goals. With that in mind, we recently launched a brand new, more robust Pagemodo support portal available to all users.

To access the portal, log in to your Pagemodo account, and roll over your profile image in the top right corner. From the dropdown menu, choose the “Help” option. This will take you directly to the portal. 

Once you’re there, you’ll see that there are several ways to go about finding what you need: read more

As you may have already seen on our Facebook page, we’re delighted to announce that Pagemodo is now a member of Facebook’s Preferred Marketing Developer program! Facebook describes this group as “a community of best-in-class developers focused on making social marketing easier and more effective.”

The recipients of these badges are spread over 35+ countries, and we’re happy to be in some very good company among the other 260+ members of the PMD program.

Badges are given to companies that provide services in the areas of pages, ads, apps and insights. In order for Pagemodo to receive the badge for pages, we needed to meet (and continue meeting) the following criteria: read more

We’re starting December off in true holiday style with Pagemodo’s own spin on the 12 Days of Christmas. For the first 12 days of this month, we’re sharing exciting offers and fun freebies with our Facebook family. We can’t tell you what’s coming up, but here are a few hints:

December 1st – 3rd
We’re feeling very nice and giving away a fun way to add some Facebook holiday spice.

December 4th – 6th
It’s not gold, frankincense, or myrrh, but what we’re offering up will make you very wise. read more

We’re happy to announce that Pagemodo has officially launched internationalization – that is to say, our website and tool are now offered in 10 new languages in addition to English. Users who have set their web browsers to default to a particular language will begin seeing the site in their language. It is also an option to choose your language manually from the dropdown menu in the footer of the Pagemodo website.

To find out a little more about this ongoing project, we sat down with Alfredo Ramos, Pagemodo’s General Manager. read more

Last month we released the new Pagemodo Cover Photo Designer. To find out more about how small businesses can take full advantage of this new tool and build a brand on Facebook, we sat down with Webs’ Founder Haroon Mokhtarzada:

Why should a small business have a Facebook page?

Facebook is the dominant player in the social media space.  If your small business is not there, you are missing out on hundreds of millions of Facebook users, many of whom spend an average of an hour a day on the site.  Reaching out to a large volume of engaged users will give your small business the potential to get people talking about and sharing your products and services with others.  Plus, it’s free to put up your Facebook Page.  This is a very low (no) cost tool with which to market your business. read more

**Update! Cover Photo Designer has a whole new look and some great new features as of April 22nd, 2014. For all the current details about this exciting tool, check out our more recent Cover Photo Designer announcement**

– – – – – – – –

Today we are happy to announce the addition of a brand new tool to the extensive collection of available Pagemodo features – Cover Photo Designer. Now you can quickly and easily create a unique cover photo for your Facebook fan page without the need to download any photo editing software. read more

New features just keep on rolling! Today we are announcing that Pagemodo users can now create iFrame tabs.

Not sure what  an iFrame tab is? Simply put, this tab will allow you to pull website content by linking your Pagemodo custom tab to any URL address. For example, if you wanted to display your website directly on your Facebook fan page, now you can! All you have to do is enter your site URL and presto, your fans have direct access right on your fan page. Here’s an example of how Pagemodo’s website would look like within a published iFrame: read more

With all the recent buzz surrounding Facebook’s Timeline rollout, it’s good time to tell you about a feature we launched recently.

Pagemodo is now giving Facebook users the chance to quickly and easily customize their own Like Gate using a custom image. Like Gates have always been a popular way to entice your visitors into becoming your fans: visitors that wish to see the content beneath the Like Gate have to become a fan before they can see your content.

Previously, the Like Gate feature allowed you to place a black overlay on top of a custom Facebook tab, and it let you customize a marketing message that would intrigue your visitor into liking your page to gain access to your tab’s content. read more

With all the exciting changes announced this week by Facebook a lot of you were concerned about how your current custom pages will render in the new layout. Rest assured, we have been working diligently to bring you the latest update and are proud to announce Pagemodo is Timeline Ready!

Our latest update will take your current custom landing pages and will automatically render them in the correct size. Meaning if you are using the new Timeline layout, your pages will be wider to match the new dimensions. If you are still using the old Facebook layout, not to worry, your pages will continue to show in the smaller (original) size. read more

As the news about the new Timeline layout for Facebook Fan pages has spread, some users have raised a few questions about its impact on Pagemodo custom tabs.

To answer some frequently asked questions, let’s review a few key items:

  1. Your Pagemodo Tabs Will Continue to Work: Upon launching of the new Facebook Timeline layout for Facebook Fan pages, all your Pagemodo custom pages will still work.
  2. Launch Date: Though you can already preview your Timeline, there is no rush to convert your fan page to the new layout. Facebook will automatically convert all Pages to the Timeline format on March 30, 2o12.
  3. Like Gates Still Work: Any pages you have created with Like-gates will continue to function.
  4. Default Tabs: The new default landing page for your fan page will be your timeline. You can’t change the default landing view to another view or app, but you can link people directly to a particular view or app on your Page. Find the URL for a view or app on your Page in the web address bar of your browser when you visit that view or app. Discover how to drive traffic to your custom tabs with Timeline.
  5. Wider Tabs: The Timeline introduction increases the available space for custom tabs from 520 pixels to 810 pixels. Your Pagemodo tabs will seamlessly fit the new width automatically – no change required on your part.
  6. Tab Positioning: Your tabs will still be on your page, however they will appear right below your pages’  cover image. Learn how to change the order of your tabs.
  7. Custom Tab Icons: As the site owner, you now have complete control over the imagery chosen for your custom tabs. Learn how to change your custom tab image.

Pagemodo is dedicated to providing the best tools for small businesses to get the most out of their Facebook marketing. Thanks for being a member of Pagemodo and we look forward to continuing to offer you the best Facebook marketing tools for small businesses.

If you have any additional questions feel free to contact our support team here. read more


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