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2016 has been a banner year for rolling out new social media features. We’ve gathered the latest and greatest and broken down what they are and how to use them. Check them out below!

Facebook Live

Facebook Live showcased their latest features over the past week and upped the intrigue with what’s to come in the near future. Housed inside of the app, users now have the ability to “go live in Facebook Groups and Events, access interactive features….and invite friends to watch a live stream with them.” This all comes on the heels of the increasing demand for video across all social media. read more

Instagram App Icon

The holidays are upon us, and we wanted to get you something we knew you’d love. So today we’re delighted to announce the launch of one of our most requested features: sharing to Instagram! With the latest version of our award-winning Pagemodo mobile app, you can now share all your creative posts to everyone’s favorite visual platform.

Here’s how it works: 

1. Share a great visual on social media (we suggest a Post Design!)
2. Go to your Post History tab on the far left in the Pagemodo App
3. Click the share icon (circled above)
4. Select ‘Copy to Instagram’ from the icons (you may need to click the ‘More’ icon the first time)
5. Edit and share on Instagram as usual! read more

How often do you find yourself staring at the screen, not sure what to post next to your followers on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn? If you’re serious about social media marketing, it could be up to five times a day. For small business owners, it’s simply not feasible to stop what you’re doing that often to share something on social media. And even if you could, it takes time to search your favorite news outlets for relevant, high-quality content to share.

We created the Pagemodo mobile app so small business marketers could easily share and schedule content in a way that it fit into their busy days. Now that we have the “how” figured out, we decided it was time to help with the “what” to post. read more

We are delighted to finally announce the launch of a project our engineers have been hard at work on for quite some time: Facebook ads from Pagemodo! This new feature is an exciting complement to the management and design tools in the Pagemodo social marketing suite, bringing together paid and organic tools for marketers in the same dashboard.

Why did we build Facebook Ads for Pagemodo?
We know from studies like the Social Media Examiner Industry Report that social media marketers see Facebook as their most important social marketing platform. We also know that the number one reason small business owners are using Facebook is new customer acquisition. However, in order for a business to gain new customers on Facebook, those potential leads have to be able to discover their content. Therein lies the problem we set out to solve with Pagemodo Ads. read more

IF and Do apps

Have you ever wanted to put the Internet to work for you? That’s the promise that the productivity app company IFTTT makes with their new (and newly branded) apps Do and IF.

Let’s back up and make sure we’re all on the same page. IFTTT has offered an app by the same name (IFTTT – If This, Then That) for some time now. This app let users create if-this-then-that statements called “recipes” that automate a wide variety of tasks. These recipes are organized into “channels.” Here’s an example: read more


Yesterday (February 1st) was the day Pagemodo first hatched, and we’re still celebrating! How? Well, for starters, we’re giving you 60% off Pagemodo Premium – just enter the code HAPPYHATCHDAY at checkout now through February 3rd.

A gift? Oh, there’s no need for all that. The best gift you could give us is to show off the awesome stuff you can make with Pagemodo. Whether you want to share a cover photo or post design you’ve already made, or make us a birthday card with Post Designer just for the occasion, we’d love to show off your creations to our followers! read more

New dashboard

After months of testing and designing, we are delighted to introduce an all-new look for Pagemodo’s internal site! Starting this week, Pagemodo users will be greeted by a colorful new dashboard when they log in to manage their social media pages. This new look is now available to all English language users, and is being rolled out to everyone else as we speak.

Why the change?

A big part of our mission here at Pagemodo is to help small business owners save time. Whenever our designers and engineers are working on something new, we start by asking how that feature will make it easier for entrepreneurs to handle their social media marketing and get back to running their business. read more

Have you tried our new release of Cover Photo Designer? Did you create an awesome new cover photo? Do you like winning awesome prizes?

If so, we have a contest for you!

We’re excited to share the new features of Cover Photos Designer with our users, and we can’t wait to see all the fabulous designs you’re creating. So we thought we’d give you an official place to share them – and a chance to win great prizes!

What kind of great prizes? Glad you asked:

  • A FREE YEAR of Pagemodo’s Pro Package
  • A featured post right here on the blog
  • A mention in our monthly newsletter
  • Publicity on all of Pagemodo’s social profiles

We’ll be choosing three big winners between now through May 7th, so get started on your new cover photo design now! When you’re done, head on over to our Facebook Page where you can find all the contest info. read more

Today we are delighted to announce the launch of the latest version of Pagemodo’s Cover Photo Designer! As part of our mission to give small business marketers all the tools they need to create a seamless and professional social media presence, we have reinvented one of our most popular features. As Facebook and other social media channels continue to change, we think it’s important that our tools also evolve so we can provide the best advantage possible for the over one million small businesses already using Pagemodo. read more

It’s been awhile now since we announced the latest version of our Post Designer photo editor tool, and our users have been BUSY! Many thousands of custom graphics have been created and shared using the tool.

Today we’d like to share 10 examples of the kinds of things users have been posting on their Facebook pages. Maybe one will give you an idea for something you could share with your own followers!

You could create a post to…

1. Thank your fans for their loyalty, like Think PINK Live GREEN Events: read more


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