The new Facebook Timeline layout allows page admins to add milestones, or major events, to be highlighted on their fan pages. Here’s what an example milestone will look like on your page:

How to Add Milestones?

Milestones can be added to your page in several ways:

    1. Via an option available in your status update box:

    2. Clicking anywhere on the Timeline line when a + symbol appears:

    Key Items to Remember:

  1. Milestone posts will automatically be posted in the expanded view on your Timeline wall and are visible by default to everyone.
  2.  Site admins do get an option to “Hide from News Feed” any new milestones that are being added.
  3. If you choose to upload an image that goes along with your milestone, these photos should fit the following dimensions: 843 pixels wide x 403 pixels tall space.
  4. read more

With all the recent buzz surrounding Facebook’s Timeline rollout, it’s good time to tell you about a feature we launched recently.

Pagemodo is now giving Facebook users the chance to quickly and easily customize their own Like Gate using a custom image. Like Gates have always been a popular way to entice your visitors into becoming your fans: visitors that wish to see the content beneath the Like Gate have to become a fan before they can see your content.

Previously, the Like Gate feature allowed you to place a black overlay on top of a custom Facebook tab, and it let you customize a marketing message that would intrigue your visitor into liking your page to gain access to your tab’s content. read more

As the news about the new Timeline layout for Facebook Fan pages has spread, some users have raised a few questions about its impact on Pagemodo custom tabs.

To answer some frequently asked questions, let’s review a few key items:

  1. Your Pagemodo Tabs Will Continue to Work: Upon launching of the new Facebook Timeline layout for Facebook Fan pages, all your Pagemodo custom pages will still work.
  2. Launch Date: Though you can already preview your Timeline, there is no rush to convert your fan page to the new layout. Facebook will automatically convert all Pages to the Timeline format on March 30, 2o12.
  3. Like Gates Still Work: Any pages you have created with Like-gates will continue to function.
  4. Default Tabs: The new default landing page for your fan page will be your timeline. You can’t change the default landing view to another view or app, but you can link people directly to a particular view or app on your Page. Find the URL for a view or app on your Page in the web address bar of your browser when you visit that view or app. Discover how to drive traffic to your custom tabs with Timeline.
  5. Wider Tabs: The Timeline introduction increases the available space for custom tabs from 520 pixels to 810 pixels. Your Pagemodo tabs will seamlessly fit the new width automatically – no change required on your part.
  6. Tab Positioning: Your tabs will still be on your page, however they will appear right below your pages’  cover image. Learn how to change the order of your tabs.
  7. Custom Tab Icons: As the site owner, you now have complete control over the imagery chosen for your custom tabs. Learn how to change your custom tab image.

Pagemodo is dedicated to providing the best tools for small businesses to get the most out of their Facebook marketing. Thanks for being a member of Pagemodo and we look forward to continuing to offer you the best Facebook marketing tools for small businesses.

If you have any additional questions feel free to contact our support team here. read more

Tips to Drive More Traffic to your Custom Tabs from Timeline

As many of you have heard, Facebook will be launching Timeline for pages, altering the format of your Facebook page.  Here’s a few early tips to maximize traffic to your custom tabs.

Tip 1: Make sure your custom tabs are showcased at the top of your Timeline.  Here’s how:

If your custom tab is not already visible among the 4 app icons on your Timeline:

1.  Click the right arrow next to your tabs

2.  Hover your mouse over the custom tab you want to showcase and click the “pencil” icon to swap the position of the icon read more

We’re happy to introduce three new features for Pagemodo that will give users unprecedented control over their Facebook business pages and their custom tabs.

Introducing the Products Layout


One of the reasons that Pagemodo is the most popular Facebook fan page builder for businesses is that we really make an effort to add features that enhance a business’s products and services. The brand new Products Layout is specifically designed to give a business owner the ability to display products in the most eye-catching way possible. What’s more, you do not have limitations on the number of products that can be displayed using this new layout! read more

You already know how important it is for a business to have a Facebook business page. But did you know that it is just as important for small business to have a website as it is for the company to have a social presence? Just because you have your Facebook fan page set-up does not mean you are not missing out on other potential business opportunities.  Creating a website for your business in addition to having a Facebook fan page is a must for any long-term business success.

Websites allow your business to offer a more in-depth experience

Websites allow businesses to more readily engage visitor traffic. Through the use of web stores, social media tools like blogs, and the potential for more intricate design, websites have the ability to offer website visitors an extremely in-depth experience that can complement your Facebook presence. read more

Valentine’s Day is here, and small businesses are celebrating online around the world. Below are some ideas for celebrating the most romantic holiday of the year, and how you can maximize your relationship with your customers as they celebrate with their loved ones.

Create Valentine’s Day themed contests

One of the best ways to build excitement with your company’s brand and its services is to offer contests. But not just any contest! Themed contests around holidays are a great way to get attention to what you are doing. A Valentine’s Day contest could ask for customer submissions (customers send in cute photos of their celebrations) or could be prizes that are designed with the holiday in mind. Just make sure if you are running a contest on Facebook to abide by their TOS. read more

A successful Facebook fan page can be measured by a number of ways: the traffic it receives, the number of likes it has, the amount of money it is bringing into your business as a gateway to your main line. But what about the impact your fan page is having? How do you measure that? A successful fan page is more than just a mini-website on Facebook. It can enhance your business and your online presence immensely. Below are five elements that a Facebook fan page should have that may be more relevant measures of success: read more

Everyone who regularly uses Facebook is well aware that Facebook’s new Timeline feature is being rolled out and changing many aspects of the social media platform. In this post, we’ll talk about Timeline’s affect on Pagemodo, but more importantly, how you can use it to the advantage of your business.

Why is Timeline important?

There are several reasons why Timeline is important for all Facebook users. The biggest reason is that Timeline  will soon be mandatory for personal profile pages as Facebook will roll out the new layout over the next few weeks. You can see an example of a profile with the new format at: read more

Today we are proud to announce the addition of a highly requested feature that is sure to help small businesses to engage their customers more easily.

Pagemodo users now have the ability to change and create custom form field names on their contact tab. This is a very significant feature, particularly for those businesses that want to customize their tabs as much as possible. If your business primarily conducts itself in a language other than English, you will now be able to change the language of your custom tab. Or if you wish to collect specific information from your customers, you can now easily create these fields! read more


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