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Content writing has proven to be one of the most lucrative forms of digital marketing out there. It’s great for generating leads, building relationships with customers, spreading brand awareness, and providing value for consumers. But having a blog just for the sake of having one isn’t good enough. Successful blogs are compelling, interesting, and exciting to read.

Not all business blogs fit that description, though. Some blogs are not only poorly written, but the topics just aren’t that interesting. Before you know it, your readers can lose interest. They may have initially subscribed to your blog, but they’ll stop tuning in after a while and let your content fall by the wayside.

When customers get bored of your business blog, it damages other aspects of your business as well. Lead generation drops because consumers stop telling their friends, you lose customers because readers find more interesting things to read, and your content marketing strategy becomes suddenly less effective.

Overall, statistics prove that having a blog is good for your business. Approximately 81 percent of businesses swear that a blog is critical to their marketing strategies and 92 percent see a new customer when they post multiple blog posts per day. But these statistics only apply if your blog is useful and interesting. You won’t experience success without a great blog.

To save your readers from boredom and to improve your company’s reach, here are some useful suggestions for making your blog more interesting:

Post Useful, Relevant Content

This first point seems obvious, but you may be surprised how many people don’t follow through. When readers access your blog, they’re looking for content that matches your niche and sticks with current trends in the industry. Content on your blog must be helpful to readers and stay in line with what’s currently happening in the industry.

Consider this blog from Green Residential, a leading property management and real estate company in Houston. They post content several times a week because they know it generates the most leads. They also have a long list of relevant topics on the side that readers can peruse when looking for great content to read. All of their articles are optimized for their local area and have compelling, useful topics for anyone interested in property management or real estate.

This is the most important concept to understand for a great business blog. Without it, you’ll have disinterested consumers and an expensive blog that does you virtually no good.

Use Stories

Humans are drawn to stories – just look at the movie and television industry! They make billions because everyone on the planet pays to be a part of good storytelling. Just because your business isn’t part of the entertainment world doesn’t mean you can’t enhance your blog posts with a few stories to illustrate your point.

Readers will always be more interested in a narrative structure with a beginning, middle, and end than an informative piece that spouts off detailed information. It’s not that those kinds of articles are bad, but they don’t perform as well as narratives.

Everyone has a story they can include in their blog. Think back on your real-life experiences. Did you have a particularly memorable experience that shaped the way you approach a certain aspect of your business? Has a client ever relayed their great experience to you? Either of these can be used to create a storyline with your blog.

Also, don’t worry too much about trying to make your blog a story from beginning to end. Using the occasional narrative at the beginning of a blog post or in one section of an article can satisfy the reader’s need for storytelling and allow you to keep your readers glued to your content.

Create Awesome Headlines

You’ve no doubt heard of Buzzfeed, the most popular blogging publication on the web. BuzzFeed is successful because they know how to keep their blog content exciting. They understand what makes readers come back for more and how to structure their blog posts accordingly.

One of the biggest reasons for their success is their compelling headlines. You’ll rarely find a headline on BuzzFeed’s website that doesn’t scream for attention. “Literally Just 35 Pictures of Olivier Giroud” is just too intriguing to pass up for most readers.

It’s not just the click-baity nature of the headlines that keep readers coming back for more. It’s the fact that the headlines promise a great story, and BuzzFeed’s articles follow through. Headlines that compel consumers to click on them without delivering a quality article to match are annoying and will drive away more customers than they keep.

Don’t lose any more customers because of boring blog posts. Invest more in your content marketing strategy so that your blog remains interesting and helps retain customers.

About the Author: Larry Alton is an independent business consultant specializing in social media trends, business, and entrepreneurship. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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