Some exciting news is coming down the pipeline for the admins of small business Facebook pages – links are finally getting the attention they deserve! Well, sort of.

According to AllFacebook and other sources close to the social network, Facebook has been testing new link preview sizes that will take the preview for links you post from 95×95 pixels to 154×154 pixels. This is great news for marketers who like to share links with their followers, but find the way links are previewed to be pretty lackluster (so, everyone).

While this is certainly a step in the right direction when it comes to encouraging Facebook business page admins to post relevant links for their followers  to check out, it won’t be the magic bullet marketers are looking for until Facebook addresses their ranking algorithm’s opinion of links altogether.

Increasing preview size is a great way to get business’ followers to click on the links that they see and engage with that content. However, as you probably know from reading our earlier post on Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm (which of course you’ve read), links are much less ‘heavy’ than photos. Which means that EdgeRank is less likely to show link posts to your followers on Facebook than photo posts.

So while it may be true that followers who visit your page are more likely to click the links they see due to larger previews, the chances of your links showing up in their feeds has not increased automatically due to this change.

Now, we point out automatically here because in a round-about way, this change can help your links show up more if the hypothesis that bigger previews results in more engagement is true. Because even though links are not as weighty as photos to EdgeRank when they’re first posted, a link that gets a lot of likes, comments, and shares from your followers will become more important over time, and thus will be seen by more people.

InsideFacebook reported that this change was set to begin rolling out yesterday (January 14th), but we have yet to see an example of these larger link previews. Have you seen any yet?

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