There’s so much visual clutter on the internet these days that when something new pops up, we sometimes don’t notice it. An example of one such newcomer is the AdChoices icon created by the Digital Advertising Alliance. Have you seen him?

This little guy’s purpose is to let internet users know that an ad they are currently seeing has been served up by a third party as a result of their online activity. The icon was launched last January…So why are we talking about it now?

As with most things worth talking about, it has to do with Facebook.

Soon the ads you see along the right hand side of your news feed will begin to feature the AdChoices icon to let users know that the ad you’re seeing is the result of behavioral targeting.

Now, before you slam your laptop shut and throw it to the other side of the room, this is nothing new. If you’re afraid of being watched on Facebook, it’s a little late to freak out now. This practice has been going on for some time – hence the ads for an online MBA that always show up right after you look up your alma mater’s homepage.

The AdChoices heads-up comes on the heels of a recent agreement that was reached between Facebook and the Council of Better Business Bureau. (Mashable)

Love him or hate him, looks like you’re going to be seeing a lot more of the AdChoices icon from now on.

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