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Whether you realize it or not, your brand has a tone of voice. You may have a hard time identifying it, but you can bet your customers are aware of it. The good news is that you can control and shape this tone – but you better act sooner rather than later.

The Value of Your Voice

The term “tone of voice” typically conjures up thoughts about spoken words and how we speak in certain situations. However, in the case of marketing and branding, it refers to written words – or the words a brand uses on websites, emails, advertisements, social media, and packaging. read more

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If you’re going to pay for advertising on any one social media platform, Facebook is probably your best bet. Facebook has access to exponentially more data than the other major networks and, as a result, is able to deliver much better customization and targeting for advertising partners. However, with so many different tools comes an increased risk of failure.

Are You Making These 5 Mistakes? 

When you first start using Facebook advertising, it’s not uncommon to become overwhelmed with the sheer volume of features and settings available to you. There are campaigns, ad sets, individual ads, audiences, objectives, budgets, tracking tools, and much more. Juggling all of these different components – and leveraging the right ones – can seem nearly impossible at times. And while you can’t expect to be perfect, you should try to avoid the following debilitating mistakes. read more

Reviews are a double-edged sword for businesses. They increase search engine visibility and give customers a way to learn more about a store or restaurant before visiting. In recent years, local businesses in particular have become extremely susceptible to online reviews as customers rely on online research more than ever. If you own a business, positive online reviews can make the difference between a customer choosing to buy from you or a competitor.

Unfortunately, even the most customer-focused business will eventually get a bad review. Whether the comments have merit or not, the results can follow a business for years. Even if the reviews are posted on Facebook or Twitter instead of a more traditional review site like Yelp, the words can haunt a business through search results. Here are a few tips to recover from those negative reviews and reclaim your reputation. read more

Marketing has undergone many changes over the years, moving from billboards and brochures to websites, email, and social media. As technology has made it easier to connect with a large number of customers at minimal cost, some of the efforts that once worked are no longer effective. An email blast to thousands of random potential customers might have worked 20 years ago, but today’s savvy consumers know how to quickly scroll through an inbox and find items of interest.

In recent years, personalization has become the preferred method of reaching customers. Whether through ad retargeting, emails, or customized delivery of certain website elements, businesses are feeling more pressured than ever to find a way to individualize their customer interactions. read more

Today’s blog post is a guest article from content marketing expert Nora Flint. 

Most businesses limit their social media marketing strategy to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. They just look at the number of users and decide to go for top two or three social platforms.

If you are one of those businesses, you might be missing out on some great opportunities available at relatively smaller, but rapidly growing platforms.

Pinterest is one of those platforms with great potential.

It’s not far behind in numbers. More than 20% of all US adults use Pinterest, which is higher than Twitter or Instagram. read more

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Facebook advertising is renowned for its flexibility, customization features, and large reach. It’s a component of nearly every successful digital marketing strategy and continues to offer strong conversions. However, if you truly want to maximize the value of Facebook advertising for your brand, you must get better at image selection and implementation. Here are some tips to help point you in a positive direction:

1. People Want to See People
Content marketing is becoming increasingly visual. Videos and infographics have replaced static blog posts in the hierarchy of content and it’s clear that Facebook advertisers need to focus on the visual nature of their digital marketing campaigns as much as the calls-to-action. With that in mind, there’s no need to go crazy and develop eye-popping visuals. In fact, simple may be better. read more

Holiday Likes

Before the Internet, businesses celebrated the holidays by decorating their stores and playing Christmas music. Business-to-business retailers and service-based organizations celebrated with greeting cards and gifts for their clients. But with so many people getting their information from social media these days, it’s important to find ways to make the most of the holiday season. Here are eight ideas for improving your holiday season through social media.

1. Deck the Walls
While most social media sites limit the customization you can bring to your profile pages, you can do a few things to celebrate the season. Add a festive cover photo or update your business logo with a little holiday cheer. You can even change your profile photo to something more festive. If possible, use the same festive theme across all of your social media and ecommerce channels. read more

Smartly Promote Social

Social media is a tool that has been just about talked to death. Everyone is using it, everyone knows it is a great venue for content sharing, and everyone is probably sick of hearing about it. Yet, surprisingly few  people are properly utilizing it.

Instead of making the most of the opportunity to reach new audiences, content creators are using it as a dumping ground. They post links, badly thought-out visuals, and spam their followers with pleas to check out their latest video.

It’s time to take things to the next level. read more

Instagram engagement

Historically when we have thought of Instagram, the immediate image that comes to mind has been an amalgam of teenagers’ selfies, pictures of elaborate meals, and an assortment of other poor quality, low content images. This may be one of the reasons that businesses have tended to avoid using this particular branch of social media, but they may be making a big mistake. When used properly, Instagram can be a highly beneficial platform that allows businesses to better connect with followers and craft a unique online presence. read more


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