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Social media can significantly boost the numbers of a business event. But, if you’re confused as to how to pull that off, you’re not alone. Here’s what you need to know to make social media work for you.

Use Events to Become a Thought Leader
Events are a natural marketing channel. Even though you might think that events are primarily about “getting the word out,” you can also use them as a way to sell not just your brand but your products and services as well.

Use your office, or a rented space, to host a variety of different types of events like speaker series, workshops, panels and discussions, networking events, and conferences. read more

Today’s article is a guest post from social media marketer Angela Moran.

About 25 percent of the population is in the Millennial generation. That’s 80 million people in the U.S. alone. This generation is often misunderstood when it comes to buying habits, which was a hot topic at this year’s Advertising Week. Millennials actually care about brand authenticity, transparency and openness. In order for companies to be relevant to a generation larger than the Baby Boomer, you must tap into their lifestyles, cultures and day-to-day activities. When drawing up your marketing plan, turn to social media to reach this generation. It’s the way the majority of millennials connect with brands. read more

Today’s article is a guest post from Marketing Specialist Asher Elran.

Many businesses are finding that social media is an invaluable part of their online marketing program. But social media can be a two-edged sword. Used correctly, it can allow you to interact and engage customers and potential clients. Used incorrectly, it can wreck your reputation in ways that may be hard to fix. Here are 20 things to watch out for:

1. Be Careful What You Say – You Can’t Take It Back
The rapid spread of information via social sharing is one of its biggest draws, but it is also one of your most vulnerable areas. Once the ripples start spreading, it is virtually impossible to find every instance, so any momentary lapses of reason may well become a permanent stain on your reputation. Always think twice before making a post. read more


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