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“How do I measure social media ROI?”

According to recent industry reports, that is one of the top five social media marketing questions. Last year 88% of marketers raised this question, and only 37% said they were able to measure it. For big brands, a whopping 78% of marketers said they had trouble measuring social media ROI.

With so much confusion, is there any hope of measuring social media ROI in your small business?
The short answer is yes, but the route there requires a few basic steps.

Let’s face it: tying social media marketing to real business outcomes is complicated. Some have even gone as far as giving up on measuring social media ROI altogether. They claim that social media is ultimately branding, which in their view is increasingly difficult to measure. read more

Social Media and SEO

Great content is the whole purpose of the web and indispensable for social media marketing and search engine optimization.  However, producing content alone is like hanging a flyer in an empty forest.  Without a social media marketing strategy infused with SEO, it’s likely to go unnoticed.  As a business owner, you want your content exposed to the widest audience possible.  The first step toward that is producing great content.  The next step is trying these 3 strategies to give it an SEO boost while exposing it on social media: read more


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