We are pretty sure you may have heard about this company, Apple, that likes to produce technological devices. They have been innovating for the past 30-some-odd years; and on Tuesday they held a conference called #AppleLive to introduce a few more items they have been working on.

All kidding aside, the keynote on Tuesday was jam-packed with devices that have excited the technology community. Leading up to the event there was a lot of speculation on what consumers can expect from the next iteration of Apple, and most would agree that Apple delivered on their promises to keep up.

Most notably, they unveiled two new iPhones, a smart watch, and a new payments system. For highlights, we think Mashable did a great job summarizing the 2 hour conference into a 90 second video:

Apparently your iPhone will need to be in close proximity for full use of WiFi and GPS on the Apple Watch, but no longer will you have to fumble to get your phone out of your pocket or rummage to find it in your purse – the ability to see your message is within a glance at the wrist!

Of course, I was also  immediately enraptured by the fact Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter developed apps just for the Apple Watch. According to Apple VP Kevin Lynch’s presentation on the WatchKit, each app will have features that make keeping up with your social media notifications easier than ever.

Social Media Apple Watch App Screenshots

Source: Gizmodo and Business Insider

For Facebook, it seems to hold basic functions for notifications, like accepting Friend Requests and responding to messages. And by utilizing the new “Digital Crown” (the dial on the side) you can scroll through your Newsfeed to stay on top of recent posts. Although it isn’t entirely clear yet how much you can accomplish through this app, one thing is for sure: the busy social media manager can be more easily connected to their profiles for more efficiency.

The glimpse of the Twitter app was a deeper dive of functionality. Notifications on the watch will provide potential images, the infamous 140 characters, and the ability to retweet, favorite, and even reply. Composing tweets and scrolling through your Twitter feed are also available features. Therefore, staying proactive and reactive on this platform becomes a cinch. Just think how easy it would be to react to trending hashtags, such as #FacebookDown last week:

Let’s not forget about Pinterest. A couple months ago, I discussed how Pinterest Places can enhance your small business’ Pinterest strategy by putting you on the map for travelers to find quickly and easily. Now, this feature has been emphasized in the development of the Pinterest Apple Watch app. The application now has the capability to provide directions to previously pinned locations when in close proximity. Utilizing Pinterest Places now, will exponentially grow the marketing potential for this app when it hits watches in 2015. Imagine the early smart watch adopters passing by your restaurant’s street and receiving a push notification to stop in for a quick bite to eat!

This potential grows even more when thinking of the integration with the other technology announcement, ApplePay. This new payments system is the tech giant’s version of a digital wallet, allowing consumers to complete transactions at the swipe of their phone or watch. Credit card information will be held digitally for maximum security and privacy when making purchases in-store or online for the stores that accept this form of payment. While seemingly similar to Google Wallet, Apple seems to promise  adoption among more vendors.

The impact for social media marketers lies in the contribution to the full social sales funnel placed easily, no longer in the palm of a hand, but right on top of the wrist.  As Apple joins companies like Sony and Samsung providing this enhanced technology, it raises the awareness of the amalgamation of technology and behavior.

TIME wrote a fascinating article about technological intimacy with our lives; and how the Apple Watch is proving that, day by day, it will get harder to separate ourselves from being “connected.” While this may scare some people, I implore you to instead be excited by the possibilities. As marketers, we can become ever-more intelligent about our audiences and our messages to assist our consumers in the navigation of that funnel (and, congruently, about our careers in social media marketing).

Now this may mean even more pressure to answer time-sensitive messages, but be motivated by the challenge to start planning for the technology that we know is going to be more widespread in 2015: length, display, and delivery of different messages on different devices are all elements of a campaign you can be brainstorming now!

I truly believe it is time to embrace the reality that we are on the cusp of a Minority Report world; and honestly, if that world looks anything like TIME’s new cover…

TIME cover technology .gif

I’m excited. (and other social media marketers should be too!)

What do you think about Apple’s three announcements on Tuesday? Share with us in the comments!

About the Author: Deanna Zaucha is the Content Marketing Coordinator for Webs and Pagemodo, and also manages our social media presence. She can be found on a dance floor, or on her iPhone keeping up with trends in marketing and tech. Get more from Deanna on Pagemodo’s Blog and Google+.

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