Social Media Explosion

It seems like there is a new social media feature to master every day, and we understand that sometimes it feels like it is hard to keep up.

Therefore, we did a quick round-up of the most significant recent changes, on the biggest platforms, so you are aware of the current features and can determine which you should adopt for your own social strategy.

Let’s dive in…

This photo platform has released two big updates in just the last week! After yesterday, Instagram now…

1. Supports landscape and portrait formats as uploads.
If you have dabbled in apps like InstaFit or Blur Box, then you are well aware of the frustrations that come with trying to get photos you have taken on your phone to be the perfect square for Instagram. Luckily, the network saw others were profiting by this oversight, and decided to take action. However, I’m most excited they have also integrated their app, Layout into the interface so I can make collages of my photos within Instagram. It’s a stellar update!

Instagram and Layout

2. Allows sharing, selfies, and emojis within Instagram Direct.
How many times have you had your photo comments been cluttered by people tagging others so they can see your post? In this update, Instagram has cleaned up your comments section by introducing a share button on posts to send your images directly between contacts. The ability to send back a selfie or emoji has also been enabled.

Instagram Direct

While this is great for the user, I would love to know if Instagram plans on sending notifications if your photo has been shared to help brands keep tabs on the level of engagement with their post.

Both of these changes demonstrate Instagram is listening to their users as they make product decisions. In which case, I’m curious how long it will be before we see something similar to the Repost app integrated into Instagram? Only time will tell!

Twitter has always been known for providing breaking news, and giving us insight into the world’s trending topics. But, in the last couple of months it has also gained importance in customer service and search engine optimization (SEO).

1. Twitter does an overhaul on Direct Messages.
Not only can you send a Direct Message (DM) to anyone without them following you back, but you can now send a DM that exceeds the previous 140-character limitation. Customer support associates or those trying to coordinate an event can quickly see the advantages to this upgrade.

2. Google provides tweets alongside search results on desktop.
Now more than ever, the saying ‘you are what you tweet’ applies to brands using the Twitter platform. This is because when Google users perform a search, it is likely that your tweet could appear as part of the most reliable results. This means that the hashtags you choose, and the topics you tweet about can become extremely important for being discovered organically on the web.

Google Pagemodo Search Tweets

Pinterest is known to be a leader in ecommerce, with the highest average order value for a customer on social media. So it should be no surprise that their latest updates assist in making conversions even easier.

1. Pinterest introduces Pinterest Developers Platform.
While this isn’t the newest news (announced in May), it is a progressive update since companies are continually joining the platform each month. The Marketing Developer Partners are of the most interest. They are a group of companies determined to provide business users tools and services to improve their presence and marketing on Pinterest, and the announcement says their focus will be on ads and content publishing.

2. Pinterest enables Buyable Pins.
After tapping on an item you see on a Pinterest board, you will be able to see a “Buy It” button alongside the “Pin It” button. The ‘Buy it’ button will take you to an order screen inside the app to complete your purchase. This direct-purchasing gives a brand an opportunity to make boards another opportunity for profit, and see Pinterest as an even more valuable social platform.

This is especially helpful after Pinterest has added an extension to mobile. For users that take a little bit longer to consider purchases, they may see something they like on your website, pin it to their Pinterest board, and now be able to directly buy the item from their board later when they are ready to purchase.

Pinterest Extension Button

We can always expect updates from the dominant social network Facebook, and last month is no exception. Both updates help business admins connect to their customers in a more efficient manner.

1. Facebook creates new features for Pages messaging.
We have always stressed that customer service on social media should be a priority for your business. Facebook has emphasized that importance by providing a quick method to reply to your customers directly from your Page. Not only can you ‘Reply’ to a customer comment, but now you can ‘Message’ that person to take sensitive or private conversations ‘off-line’ for a more intimate conversation with your audience.

Facebook Message Reply

Facebook has also decided to reward brands who use this function quickly with badges at the top of their page.

Facebook Responsive Badge

2. Facebook allows you to save replies.
Though we are not condoning the use of canned messages, it is possible that there are questions your company often receives which elicit the same response in order to get the information you need to help them with their question. For example, you need to ask a customer for their name, order number, and date of purchase to bring up the proper data to answer their question. As simple as it is to write that out, it may become cumbersome to write it out hundreds of times a day. Facebook has given a how-to guide for creating a saved reply for your Page to help you earn that Very Responsive badge on your Page more often!

This is all we have for you (today), but to keep up with all things social media be sure to subscribe to our blog at!

About the Author: Deanna Zaucha is the Senior Content Marketing Specialist for Webs and Pagemodo, and also manages their social media presence. She can be found on the dance floor, or on her iPhone keeping up with trends in marketing and tech. Get more from Deanna on the Webs Blog, Pagemodo’s Blog, and Twitter.


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